Can we post about the Olympics in Cafe?

The game forum threads get little attention. Threads wither and die there pretty quick.

Are the Olympics considered big enough entertainment for Cafe Society?

I wasn’t a member in 2008 and don’t know what you did then.

There’s already a thread there doing play-by-play, and I wish they’d spoiler it because i can’t see it for another 6 hours.


There are 13 threads on the front page of the Game Room that have more than 200 replies, including a few with replies in the thousands. Game Room threads get plenty of attention, especially if it’s something (like the Olympics) that a lot of people are interested in.

Sorry. I Wasn’t bashing Game Room. I tried posting there last year during the NCAA tournament and had little luck. I guess the teams I follow aren’t popular here. I didn’t bother posting during this years tournament.

I think people who are interested in sports are going to check out the Game Room. While Cafe Society may get more traffic in general, I don’t see any reason to suppose a thread on sports in that forum would do any better than it would in the Game Room. People who aren’t interested in sports aren’t going to post to it merely because it’s in Cafe Society (well, not many).

Yeah, those who want to post will find the threads in the Game Room. I’m leaving the one on the opening ceremony in Cafe Society because it’s about a pageant, not a competition.

twickster, Cafe Society moderator

Ok, thanks for clarifying twickster.

I didn’t want to mess up by posting in the wrong spot.

Really? :dubious: Seems to be as active as it ever has been; there’s been plenty of long threads on football, baseball, golf, etc. I did a search on NCAA hoops, and you are right about that not being a big thing here, but that would seem to be an exception.

Do you mean instead of putting a spoiler in the title like they did (“Opening Ceremonies”), are you thinking the title should not spell that out but the posts should all be spoilered?
Maybe something like this:
A Very Big Current Event That Happens Every Few Years

Post #1:

Great opening ceremonies

Post #2:

What, I thought this thread was about one of those shootings?

Post #3:

I’m lost, the title isn’t very specific and I can’t even read the posts because someone wanted them all spoilered.

Post #4:

Why didn’t that person just avoid the thread?

Post #5:

You can do that?

No, I meant that, at the time there were already two other threads open about what the opening ceremonies might consist of, and I just wanted a notice in the title stating that the new thread was a live-coverage thread-unlike the others.
edited to add: Please note that at the time I posted my request the Olympic ceremonies were still a few hours away because I was on the west coast.