Can you absorb micronutrients by walking barefoot?

A holistically-inclined friend of mine assured me it was so. As someone who enjoys callused-skin-on-ground travel, I find the idea appealing. Of course it’s some sort of urban legend…or is it?

(yeah, I’m too lazy to look up a cite)


Just to pound the point home.

I’m sure that Q.E.D. was responding, correctly, to the thread title.

But no isn’t the right answer to the question in the thread itself, “Of course it’s some sort of urban legend…or is it?”

It is an urban legend. Assuming that anyone else besides your friend actually believes this. Assuming even your friend believes this. :slight_smile:

Good lord, I hang out with some real woo-woo dippyflakes, but even I haven’t heard this one.

I agree, no, this is ridiculous.

I would not classify this as an urban legend. It’s simply an untrue factoid.

Of course I didn’t believe her–she also thinks that drinking water from plastic bottles causes cancer. I just said that the barefoot idea appealed to me.

Where do people come up with these ideas? The only organic thing you are likely to absorb through your feet by going barefoot outside is hookworm.

What does she carry water in? Ceramic bottles? Wood bottles? Leather bladders? Metal canteens? Inquiring minds want to know!

It’s been rumored that some bottles are made of glass.

I suspect that she was talking to someone who knew someone who read an article like this in some magazine: Compound BPA article @ medcalnewstoday

YES you can, insofar as Hookworms, being collections of living cells, do contain micronutrients.

CDC on Hookworms

Well that depends on what exactly is outside. If there’s pools of dimethylmercury, tetramethyllead, or trifluoromethanesulfonic acid outside you’re liable to have some absorption if you go barefoot as well.

Good point–hookworms are almost certainly chock full of micronutrients, too. I bet they’re a great source of selenium.


:smack: Jesus christ! I can’t believe I just had a brain fart where I forgot the existence of glass. Wow. I need to stop working and go outside.

Thank you so much for the best laugh I’ve had all week. :smiley:

Watch out for the hookworms.

[Homer voice]

Ummmmmm… hookworms…

[/Homer voice]

True Blue Jack

And possibly leprosy!

You are what you [del]ea[/del] absorb through your feet?

A little off topic, but when I carry my water with me I use a glass bottle as much as possible. Not so much for health reasons as because I think the water tastes better.