Can you advise on new RCA TV setup?

I’ve had it about a week. The people who moved it in set it up (with cable hookup) and it’s been working fine. Yesterday I wanted to get my favorites list set up, but I must have pushed a wrong button or something and have since diddled it into nil mode. Just about the only thing I can get a response from now is “Menu”, and I don’t know what to do with that.

Any advice would be most welcome.

Do what’s called a “hard reset”. That is, unplug it for a couple hours, then plug it back in. This should, in most cases, reset the TV to the factory settings by making it forget everything you did to it.

That makes sense. Now, when I plug it back in and start over, I should choose “digital” rather than “analog” or “both” when there’s a choice, right?

I think that’s all the questions I’ll have. Many thanks for your help.

This is in reference to what? Is this an HDTV-ready set which is also capable of receiving analog NTSC broadcasts? If so, then “both” is probably the most logical choice.

Uh-oh. It says Standard Devinition Television on the front of the manual, so I guess that’s a NO it’s not HDTV-ready, and I should just choose “Digital” rather than “both” when doing the Set-up.

I guess we all have our fortes, and I’m a real dolt about this stuff . . . but I can dance! :slight_smile: