can you brush/floss someone else's teeth without being dental hygienist?

AFAIK dentists believe that many of their patients don’t brush/floss their teeth as well as they should. Possibly many of these patients agree, but don’t feel like putting in the effort. Being lazy made them not do it…

Which makes me wonder - what if there were a business dedicated to brushing/flossing teeth? Kind of like a small barbershop. Let’s say it could be located on commuter rail stations where many people hang out a lot. Obviously you couldn’t get those 3 perfect brushes per day as you should this way, but maybe you could get a perfect brush once in every 2 days or something. Not much, but I would say much better than just getting perfect dental cleaning once every 6 months, after all the damage from not having well brushed teeth has already been done.

So, I am guessing that this may or may not impinge on the regulations of the “dental hygienist” profession. We brush our own teeth without license, parents brush their kids’ teeth without license, but could you have a professional “teeth brusher” :slight_smile: who is not a dental hygienist and hence not subject to all the relevant regulations?

Commuter rail stations???

How 'bout Greyhound bus terminals?

You don’t even need to rent space, just have a little travelling kit and go around and ask people, “hey meester, can I broosh your teeth?”

Hey, if I were insanely wealthy, I’d consider it my part of the social contract to employ as many people as possible. And a full-time salaried tooth cleaner would be a good job.

“Bit of a brush-up, sir?” “Yeah, thank you, James.”

Commuter rail stations???

A travelling kit? LOL…And I thought the squeegee guys (who jump in front of your car at red lights to ‘wash your windows’) were annoying!

Though I might get with someone offering to sell me a Crest Whitestrip at, say, $1 for a strip at a time. Those things is expensive! When you see coupons for $5 off purchase…

And I thought public ear-cleaning was odd.

I don’t think there’s a law or anything against it… but I’m not saying that many people would do it. I just pictured people spitting into a large bucket of foamy mess after rinsing… eeewwww

Brushing and flossing are pretty simple procedures. We teach little kids to do them. I’d be very surprised if there’s any legal restriction against doing it for someone else.

Scaling, particularly below the gum line, is a different matter. I’m sure regulations vary from state to state, but in Kansas only dentists and licensed dental hygienists are permitted to do it.

A professional toothbrusher would most certainly require some type of training and licensing. Given that barbers, manicurists, etc, require a license in most places, it is hard to imagine that a toothbrusher would not. Sure it is not rocket science, but there are issues of hygiene involved.

Would a toothbrusher need to be a full-blown dental hygenist? From a training standpoint probably not, but from a licensing standpoint until some progressive state develops a “toothbrusher” license, a dental hygenist license is likely the only one applicable.