Dear Guy Who Brushes His Teeth in the Office Restroom,

Dear Guy Who Brings in Everything and Brushing His Teeth in the Middle of the Day in the Office’s Bathroom,


I can’t really explain why, just… eww.

Hugs and kisses,

I’m struggling with WHY it weirds me out so. My office’s floor in the building is shared by 3 or 4 cos, maybe 25 guys total on the floor.

It’s not that it’s not clean, the maintenance staff keeps it spotless. It’s not that it’s weird to brush your teeth in the same room where other functions are performed, because I imagine that’s what most of us do.

It’s just… brushing your teeth… in the middle of the day… at work… in a common restroom, while total strangers are… well, NOT brushing their teeth. Weird.

I do not do this myself, but some people have serious dental issues where keeping their teeth clean is a must. If the bathroom is the only place with a sink I’m not going to be mortified by their doing this.

I don’t really see the problem. For me, the whole point of the bathroom is it’s where you can go to do things that, while necessary to the care of our bodies, are otherwise offensive. Provided that he’s not resting his toothbrush on the back of the toilet, or leaving little white toothpaste flecks on the mirrror, I’d say this is pretty normal.

I don’t see the big deal. I do it at work sometimes. But I try to use the single restroom for that.

You probably wouldn’t want to know what some of the other co-workers are washing off their hands.

Not really seeing why it weirds you out so much! I’ve done it, never occurred to me it would weird someone out. I wouldn’t have worried about it, even if I did know, to be honest.

Wouldn’t you also complain if the guy had bad breath? I can think of reasons why someone would want to do this, so colour me - meh, about the whole issue.

Sorry but I don’t get this, ditto complaining about someone using the shower in office toilet. It is there to be used not for decoration, what is the big deal?

*There was this one guy that it drove him totally batty is someone used the shower, despite the fact there were seperate male and female restrooms. Someone is using the shower! Oh no!

A fair number of people at my office apparently do this regularly, and others do it occasionally. The latter group includes me, as I always floss, brush, and rinse with mouthwash before leaving for a dental appointment. (It just seems courteous.) I don’t see anything particularly odd or gross about it.

Apparently this thread is targeted at me.

I’ll make you a deal. If you let me clean my teeth, I’ll let you clean your bum. We cool?

I brush my teeth at work.

EWWW for NOT brushing your teeth after you eat lunch! That better? :wink:

I sure hope this isn’t a zero-sum game.

OP, I’m with you. Ick.

I brush my teeth in the restroom too. I do not touch the faucet. I use my water bottle to wet the brush and then pour water in a paper cup to rinse my mouth and the sink.

There’s too many strange hands that just wiped their bums touching that faucet. So, I use my own water. :wink:

I thought there would be some unexpected element to this complaint when I saw the title, that at the very least the guy had been pulling out his false teeth and scrubbing them vigorously in front of people while spraying mirrors and sinks with weird white specks of gunk.

It’s not. I’ll still clean my teeth even if someone decides to walk around with poopy butt in protest.

Ha! We have a woman–and yes, it is Baby Talk Woman–who washes out her dentures in the ladies-room sink, and leaves the detrius clogging the drain.

Maybe it’s a gender thing, but plenty of women brush their teeth here at my office. There are even little Dixie cups provided.

You get three root canals in a six-week period, and you’ll be brushing your teeth after every meal, too.

Dear John.

Thank you for your brilliant reverse psychology ploy to motivate me to brush and floss my teeth more often. I really needed that.


I brush my teeth at work prior to leaving for dentist appointments, but that’s the only time. It does disturb me a bit, but not enough to make me go home to brush before going to dentist appointments.