Do you brush your teeth to start the day?

Poll coming. I’ve been watching a lot of ‘Day in the life of’ type YouTube videos. I’m suprised how many people get out of bed and immediately brush their teeth. I never do this unless I know I’m going out to eat for breakfast. I’ve always brushed my teeth right after breakfast.

Yes, first thing. Well, it’s right there where I’m also going to shower and shave before breakfast. Also, my mouth feels and tastes terrible in the morning (you know, Russian soldiers, stocking feet, the whole 9 yards) and I want to get rid of that as soon as possible. I’m doing it less for dental health than simple ability to get on with my day.

I only brush once a day. I should brush twice but I don’t.

I brush at night. I just don’t see how my teeth are going to get dirty overnight since I brushed the night before. I usually just use listerine and brush my tongue in the morning.

When this thing hits the market I’ll start brushing in the morning too.

First I take a piss and take a shower, then brush my teen, take my cholesterol pills, and shave. Is that “first thing?” that’s the way I voted.

After urinating, so basically the first thing. The though is that your saliva isn’t being swished around as much while sleeping, and bacteria may proliferate. Also the best curative for morning breath!

You’re not supposed to really brush within 30 minutes or so of eating. I usually skip breakfast, but otherwise don’t have the time to spare after eating in the morning, and I wouldn’t be one of those assholes who brush in the work bathroom :dubious:

I don’t even open my mouth until I’m in the bathroom sticking a toothbrush into it. No coffee, no “good morning.” It just feels gross until I brush, and I really don’t want to subject my loved ones to what comes out of it before it’s cleaned up and minty fresh. So my vote is an emphatic “yes.”

I live alone, so people are only likely to encounter my mouth after breakfast. I prefer to clean out plaque and any remnants from breakfast in the one operation.

On the other hand, since my dentist’s last little lecture, I clean them before going to bed as well, so I hope there are no unpleasant emanations overnight anyway.

No way. After my morning urination, my next step is COFFEE and lots of it. Eventually, I get around to getting dressed, inserting contacts, and brushing teeth. So call it Step 5.

First stop. Sink and toothbrush. Though it may be 11am or so. (I know, I know, lazy ass)

Fuck no. My day begins with coffee and a vape. I don’t want the minty taste of toothpaste fucking that up. Brush teeth AFTER. I never eat breakfast anyway. A glass of “super-greens” fruit/vegetable juice at most.

Maybe not the very first thing, but close enough. Visit the bathroom, start the coffeepot, wash face, brush teeth, in varying orders but all right off the bat.

Why brush teeth first thing? Like Roderick above, my mouth tastes and feels like crud when I wake up. Brushing my teeth fixes that.

Why not wait until after breakfast? Because I don’t eat breakfast. I’m liable to be up for 3-5 hours before eating anything. And my mouth feels like shit now.

ETA: And it takes about one sip of coffee to override what’s left of the taste of toothpaste. No biggie.

I get up and eat breakfast first. There’s usually a half an hour or more between breakfast and getting dressed, and it’s at that point I brush my teeth.

Whether it’s because I brush before bed or something else my mouth doesn’t taste hideous first thing in the morning so I don’t feel a pressing need to scrub the teeth until after food.

I brush my teeth after I eat breakfast.
My current morning routine is:
[li]Wake up[/li][li]Use the toilet[/li][li]Ride my exercise bike for 30 min[/li][li]Shower and shave[/li][li]Get dressed[/li][li]Eat Breakfast[/li][li]Brush my teeth.[/li][/ol]

I went no but actually I am more like sometimes. At night, before bed, every day. But in the AM its more like 15% or so.

I’ve always brushed before going to bed at night. That way there’s (hopefully) nothing there decaying all night that I need to brush away in the morning.

I don’t eat breakfast. My normal week day morning is

1 Wake up
2 Grab clothes for the day
3 Use the toilet
4 Shower
5 Dry off
6 Put on underwear and pants
7 Deodorant
8 Brush teeth
9 Put on shirt and tie
10 Put on socks
11 Brush hair
12 Get the kids moving in whichever direction they need moved
13 Put on coat, grab keys, get kids in the car, kiss wife good bye, tell kids I love them, watch wife drive kids to school, get in car, go to work

On days that I’m going to the office, I don’t have breakfast and I drink my coffee in the car on the way to work. If I am going to have breakfast, I brush my teeth when I wake up and then again after breakfast. But as I’m typing this, I realize that I overslept a bit this morning and haven’t yet brushed my teeth.

I voted yes, even though there are a couple of things that happen first. I wear a nightguard, so I like to brush in the morning and get rid of that funk. My morning goes like:

Let dogs out in back yard, because they need to pee, too.
Run to bathroom.
Turn on hot water in sink since it takes forever.
Use toilet.
Brush teeth.
Let dogs back in.
Rest of morning hygiene routine.
Feed dogs and cats.
Go to work.

Brush teeth and let dogs in are interchangeable, depending on whether there is hot water at the sink yet and how loud the dogs are barking.

Brush teeth
Wash face
Apply lotions & potions to face
Get dressed
Let dogs out/in
Feed dogs
Walk dogs
Get re-dressed for work
Eat breakfast and read the paper

It’s probably my second thing right after relieving myself.