What is the dope on toothbrushing

Hollywood films dont help much as they imho present the wrong protocol to young viewers. Too many times the actors are shown spitting the saliva and toothpaste and just wiping their mouths with a towel and exiting. No gargling with water. So question is

Brush before breakfast? Thought that was a given but appears not to be so. Many UK teenagers brush after breakfast.

Brush with toothpaste. After thorough going over on all sides, gargle with warm water from tap for atleast 4 to 6 cycles of gargling.

Optional cleaning of back of tongue with a tongue cleaning tool, not the brush as that makes me gag.

Then exit bathroom.

Then have breakfast.


I brush my teeth once a day, right before I go to bed.

I use antiseptic mouthwash after breakfast and after brushing my teeth at night.

I use a tongue scraper and floss daily prior to brushing my teeth.

This has been my routine since pretty much forever.

Eat breakfast.
Brush teeth with toothpaste. [Why brush before? I’d just need to brush after as well.]
Brush teeth with toothpaste.
Floss if needed.

No rinsing with water. So you leave toothpaste residue n taste in your mouth?

You should brush twice a day, in the morning and yes, before going to bed.

Dont use alcohol based mouthwashes.

other facts:

The right amount of toothpaste is about a pea. Ads always should you covering the toothbrush, that is just so that you will waste toothpaste and buy more.

Teeth are ivory colored, not WHITE

Unless your teeth are discolored you dont need tooth whiteners.

People have been telling me this my whole life, but when I was a kid I always brushed too hard and it caused my gums to recede. Since I was having a hard time brushing lighter, I just dropped my morning brush. I’ve been brushing once a day since I was a kid and have never had so much as a cavity or a toothache (I’m 34). My dentist even described me as a “poster child for dental hygiene”.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any other kind. I always use the store brand Listerine type mouthwash.

Correct, this I do.

Never used whiteners either, and don’t intend to.

Are you a dentist?

Biotene is the most common brand.

Nope, but I have one as a buddy.

Cool, I’ll keep my eye out for it.

It’s been well-established for some time that rinsing is unnecessary and often detrimental. Leaving some toothpaste residue on your teeth allows the fluoride to work better.

Here’s a

(https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-body/how-to-keep-your-teeth-clean/) from the UK NHS on the topic:

Now, that being said- altho alcohol based mouthwashes are generally not recommended, they are REALLY bad if you have dry mouth. If you dont have dry mouth but love your Listerine, well, just ask your dentist.

From Chingon’s link:

So that could be an argument against brushing right after breakfast, depending on what you ate or drank.

Although, personally, since I brush before bed, I don’t see the point in brushing again before breakfast, since there’s no food residue there to brush away.

  1. “Gargle”? No gargling is necessary for dental care.

  2. Don’t brush right after eating, but do rinse your mouth and teeth after eating.

  3. Once or twice a day is sufficient. First thing in the morning and the last thing before bed is logical. Rinse your mouth and teeth with water afterward. Is this what the OP is calling gargling?

  4. Yes, avoid alcohol-based mouthwash. They’re easily available, right next to the regular mouthwash on the shelf and say “alcohol free” right on the label.

[quote=“friedo, post:10, topic:823798”]

It’s been well-established for some time that rinsing is unnecessary and often detrimental. Leaving some toothpaste residue on your teeth allows the fluoride to work better.

Here’s a

Yes, just spit it out, don’t rinse clean.

That’s true, brushing right after a meal isnt always best. Use a alcohol free mouthwash or even chew sugarfree gum.
Plaque covers your teeth as you sleep. Causing “morning breath” for one.


Why not?

Anyway, since we’re sharing:

  1. Brush after breakfast, if I have breakfast. Brush in the morning, just to get rid of sleep mouth.

  2. I normally do no brush throughout the day, but I currently brush sometime after lunch. I’m in chemo, and it helps prevent mouth sores.

  3. I normally use a non-alcoholic mouthwash, due to dry mouth. I’m currently rinsing with salt water (see chemo and mouth sores). I’ll probably stick with the salt water in the future, as it also seems to help with morning breath.

  4. I floss… not as often as I should. I get about 3 days per week.

  5. I use electric brushes with ultra-soft bristles. I also used to have an issue with over-brushing, and the really soft brushes helped a lot.
    Anecdotal, but I the only member of my family with zero cavities. I’m 49.

A related question - my toothpaste says not to use more than twice a day. (Yes, I’ve read the toothpaste label, I’m weird that way.)

Why? I assume it’s to avoid fluoride overdosing. Do all brands of toothpaste have the same warning?

Morning, after breakfast:

  1. Floss.
  2. Brush.

Evening, before going to bed:

  1. Floss.
  2. Waterpik.
  3. Brush.

Every six months:

  1. Dentist.

How can you stand to eat or drink anything right after brushing? Doesn’t your breakfast taste horrible that way? I’m guessing you don’t have OJ for breakfast.