Can you cheat at backgammon at MSN Games?

My girlfriend is having fits. She accuses me of cheating at backgammon online…her son told her I must be cheating to win all the time. So IS there a cheat program for Backgammon?

Not exactly.

Google, “backgammon msn cheat”.

So, what kind of “cheating” is she talking about? Rolling the dice, or improving your rating?

In my experience at playing backgammon, skilled players are often accused of cheating or being unnaturally lucky. That’s because they set themselves up in one turn so they can take advantage of many different rolls of the dice on their next turn. That’s skill, but in a game like backgammon, it looks like luck (or worse).

I play reversi on Game Spy and get accused of cheating all the time. This is realy tireing especialy sense I am not all that great a player (ranked around 50 or so). It’s just that people who do not understand the game can’t understand how they could have been beaten. Especialy if they haven’t played a good player before.

ditto bibliophage

Backgammon actually has quite a lot of strategy involved in it, which many casual players are unaware of. Of course, the luck element is also fairly high; I’d estimate that backgammon is something like 50% luck and 50% strategy, so that an experienced player should beat a beginner about 75% of the time in the long run.

[slight aside]
If you have a look through the Web, you’ll find various sites that have computed the best opening combinations for opening rolls. Some are, at first glance, counterintuitive, but work very well in the long run.
[/slight aside]

Of course, if you have four chips on the six spot, and your opponent has one on one, and one on two and you roll double sixes…well, chalk that up to luck.