Can You Curse In Sign Language?

      • Is there any way to curse in sign language other than using common gestures or spelling out the words letter by letter? -Like, are there any actual signs for Carlin’s “seven dirty words”? What methods to such concerned people use? - DougC

Yes, there sure are. The finger isn’t american sign language either. We have our own signs
for those sorts of things.

Sometimes people ask how to say ‘thank you’ & we show them a dirty sign instead. lol

Doug: By definition, the gestures used in Sign Language which constitute the Signs (i.e, all of them), are common. Otherwise, one person couldn’t understand another. :slight_smile:

Why is that funny, handy? :confused:

Yes there are!

If you make the bull’s horns with one hand, lay it ontop of your other arm (so your arms are infront of you, one on top of the other) and then with your non-bull horn hands you start opening and closing the non bull horn hands.
That means b—s---.

I’m sorry if I didn’t explain that well enough…

Many immature people love to teach some curse in their language instead of the useful word they’re asked for, erislover…But I guess you already knew that…


I find it amusing…

“Signs of Sexual Behavior” from or has the sign language for sexual stuff.
Why is it that hearing people usually want to know the dirty signs first?

handy - when people learn new languages, that’s often where they want to start. Maybe it’s more true for people of a certain age, but I remember being in high school when a Mexican kid moved in, and while we were all practicing our Spanish with him, we were asking him how to say____,and_____ and _____ giggle giggle snicker

Hmm. I tend to curse verbally while trying to sign.

I suspect it’ll go away as I learn more words. :stuck_out_tongue:

(whose SIL is Deaf and doesn’t read lips)