What's sign language for....

Beer? I know soda pop is a fist with 3 wiggling fingers on top to make the “fizz”, so I’m thinking it’s something similar. Anybody know what it is? Handy, you out there?

Its for deaf people to comunicate to eachother.

Well then, maybe you should learn it because you can’t spell for shit! :smiley:

I work with a deaf guy, but I won’t see him until Monday morning. I’ll ask him, if this isn’t answered by then.

I yahooed ASL dictionaries, and the first two didn’t list “beer.” Alcohol and drink, yes, but no beer.

This is an animated dictionary… the page should show “beer” for you.


Thanks for the link YMwife. It’s similar to the common gesture of a fist with the thumb extended and the pouring down the throat motion that we all use.

Pet Peeve Time: It seems you’re asking what the American Sign Language (ASL) term for “beer” is. There are many sign languages out there, as different from one another as spoken languages are, and there’s no universal sign for brewski.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread, already in progress.

All I know in sign language is how to say is “I love you,” “nice butt” and “call me.” I get along very well with those. :wink:

In what order do you use them Zoe?

There are probably a few ways to sign ‘beer’ like just a 'B" near the mouth. That fist with a thumb sign seems too generic for me. Being only 4 letters, you could fingerspell it.