Can you deliberately induce priaprism?

In the interests of furthering my store of scientific curisosity, of course.


Yeah. Turn 12.


Sure: get a cock-ring, or some reasonable facsimile thereof (anything that fits around the base of the penis tightly enough to keep blood from exiting should suffice). Only problem: they have a tendency to get stuck, necessitating an embarassing trip to the emergency room.

I understand it’s a pretty painful condition. Would it be worth it?

Sure, with the right drugs. Some guy I knew for years took antidepressants with this side effect. They gave him another med to make it come down though.

As handy wrote there are a number of medical drugs that can induce priapism as a side effect. Presumedly they could also do so as a main effect if desired. However priapism is not only embarrassing and painful it can be dangerous. The blood in an erect penis is not circulating. If it does not leave the penis and return to the circulatory system it can turn gangrenous. In extreme cases, amputation can be required.

Did you have to tell us that! Sick Puppy Alert!

Wasn’t Viagra originally intended for another purpose, something other than giving Bob Dole a stiffy?

Does no one think it’s ironic that the 1st answer to the OP was from Short?