Can you die from overeating? Overeating and heart problems...

Can long-term overeating cause heart problems if one is not overweight? I learned in college that digesting large quantities of food can put a lot of stress on the heart.

Maybe it can cause a heart attack or at least cause some sort of long-term heart-related health issues. Does anyone know if this is true.

On the web, I can only find info. about how overeating leads to overweight and overweight leads to heart problems.

But what about problems for skinny overeaters (ie: an overeater with a great metabolism)?

Ever see those commercials for the cholesterol-reducing drugs? Thin, muscular, beautiful people with high cholesterol. Even if you can burn fat off, you still can get hart problems from the cholesterol hardening your arteries.

My grandfather has been thin and fit all of his life. He rarely eats meat and has a pretty basic diet (rarely eats out and never fast food or pizza). Except he likes his cookies and snack cakes. He had a sextuple bypass when he was 76.