Can you discern liver damage from a piss test?

If I suspected I had some sort of liver damage and took a urine test, would the doctors be able to detect whether or not there was a problem with my liver simply by quickly checking the urine? I don’t want to know if they can diagnose exactly what I may or may not have from the urine test, I just want to know whether or not they can ascertain that there is a problem with my liver simply by checking the piss with a dipstick.

Any and all help is much appreciated.


There is a test that you can have done at a basic health exam which assesses possible liver problems (by looking at levels of certain enzymes), but I believe it is a blood test, not a urine test.

How long does it take for results to come back?

Gomez, I had to have my liver function checked once and the (blood) test results came back in a few hours though YMMV. Some clinics are slower/busier than others.

Initial checking for liver damage is best done by blood testing. Total and Direct Bilirubin can be measured along with ALT and AST. Also checks for Hepatitis B and C if indicated.

I get a liver panel done on me annually because I take medication regularly. And it’s always been a blood test. I have no idea how long it takes because they only would call me if something is wrong.

Every now and then, the functions are off by a tad, but the doctor just asks me if I had turned yellow recently. When I answer no, he just moves me along.

I suppose that if the liver function were off, I would be switched to a different medication.

Just what do you think you did to your liver anyway? That’ll help in figuring out which tests are best. Even more effective: Share these concerns with your doctor.