Can you encircle your wrist with your thumb and pinky?

This is a rather odd question to ask, but I’d like to know if my…err, ‘ability’ to put my pinky and thumb completely around my wrist is unusual. My brother and mother couldn’t do it. Now I’d like to see how you guys do.

The same wrist as the thumb and pinky or the opposite one?

Can do, but I know that I have small wrists.

I have thin wrists and long fingers, so the answer is yes.

I used to be able to. Now I can’t. My wrists are fatter I guess. and my fingers have always been stubby.

Yep, but more easily for my right hand around my left wrist than vice-versa.

With my right hand, my thumb reaches the base of my pinky fingernail. With my left hand, my thumb is just touching the pink of the nail at the top.

Just FYI: the ability to do that is a sign of arachnodactyly, which is a symptom of Marfan syndrome.

Both wrists easily.

I just have exceptionally small wrists.

I have really short thumbs, so no.

Yes, very easily. I have small wrists, and very long fingers. I also have stiff joints, no Marfan’s or anything approaching it here.

I can do it fairly easily with with one hand, but come up a bit short with the other mainly because they don’t align correctly.

No. 1cm short on both hands.

Allllllllmost. I used to be able to, quite easily, but I’ve gotten fatter since then. Now I can do it with my middle or ring fingers, but the pinkie’s just not quite long enough. There’s about a 3mm gap.

So…I guess I used to have Marfan’s, then I got fat? :wink:

I can around my left wrist, but not my right. What do I put?

Your link actually says that a sign of Marfan syndrome is if your “thumb and fifth finger *overlap *when encircling the wrist.” (Emphasis mine.) My thumb and pinkie meet, but do not overlap.

Me too.

I answered the poll not even close but then read the responses and tried the other wrist too.

Not even close with my right hand around my left wrist - depending on which angle I try it at there’s a gap of just over a centimeter.

With my left hand around my right wrist it’s pretty darn close - maybe 2 mm space. I can actually touch my thumbnail to my pinky nail but I didn’t figure that counted :slight_smile:

I have small wrists so yes, barely. Also, I can only do it with my left wrist…weird.

I find it interesting that right now, 8 people say easily, 12 people say barely, and 11 people say not even close. But only 3 people say close.

I expected the number of people who barely can do it and the number of people who almost can do it to be closer together.


I can do it with middle and ring fingers on both wrists, but pinky doesn’t make it.