Can you feed mushrooms to toddlers?

The only source I can find on this is so I thought I’d check here.
Are there any issues with this?


Well, my toddler eats them, and he hasn’t died, so I’d say it’s fine.

I wouldn’t feed a toddler the magic mushrooms, though.

Since this is basically medical advice, let’s move it to IMHO.

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Thanks you guys. Sorry for the mistake.

AFAIK, there’s nothing in commercially sold mushrooms that should cause any problems with toddlers.

I certainly hope so!

I have never heard anything to indicate you should not.

I’ve never heard anything specific to toddlers, only the usual cautions about mushrooms and human consumption (confirmed edible species, careful about allergies, etc.)

What have you heard to the contrary? You can’t ask a question like that, knowing what kind of insatiable curiousity it’ll stir, and just leave it lying like that!

But why would you do something so evil to an innocent child?!

Mushrooms are the devil’s hemorrhoids.

My toddler says “hell yes!”

Well, you know. Something along those lines.

I don’t recall ever reading anything about commercial mushrooms. I would and did avoid giving him wild morels because some people have a reaction to them if they’re not cooked properly.

Do feed a small bite at first, in case of allergies. Otherwise, no problem.

Sure you can.

Simply pry their lower jaw open and push the mushroom as far back in the throat as possible. Quickly remove your finger, close the lower jaw and blow in their face to encourage swallowing. Be careful, they bite!

[sub]or was that for dogs and pills? Whatever, should work either way.[/sub]

They don’t turn to mush easily, so I wouldn’t feed them to a small toddler who doesn’t have a lot of teeth and/or isn’t good at chewing. Apart from that, though, it never occurred to me that there could be a problem. I’ve been feeding Widget mushrooms since she was a toddler. As long as there’s garlic involved, she’s always been happy about them.

I have a friend who used to send his homemade mushroom soup in a baby bottle to daycare for his infant. She’s 10 now, and seems quite normal and happy.

Just an over abundance of caution on the part of an adoring grandma. :slight_smile:

As far as I know choking is the only concern when feeding toddlers. They’re past the other risks.


Feeding toddlers to mushrooms, though, that’s a different story.