Can you get a "woodie" where you drink?

The last time I checked, I had about 37 woodies saved up. I got one tonight from the bartender and got a couple over the weekend. I usually get them at Hap’s, but sometimes get them when I go to Rock’s. But only if I know the bartender.

I don’t know anywhere else in Helena you can get woodies. I’ve gotten woodies elsewhere in Montana, but not so much any more. My father used to collect woodies and I’ve got some woodies that are from before World War II. I myself have woodies going back to my early twenties, but can’t use them anymore.

On Bastille Day, there is a big barbecue at Haps after the Bastille Day golf tournament and everyone brings their woodies. It makes the owner sad, because all he gets that day are woodies and he doesn’t make any money.

Do you get woodies where you are?


The only place I get a woodie is in the bedroom, and even then I have to strap it on.



ok - please enlighten the ignorant;

I’m jiggy with what Maxxxie is talking about, but what the hell is your version of a “woodie”?

I thought this was a whisky dick thread…

Are you talking about the plugs they put in hogsheads?

A “woodie” is a wooden nickel. On one side it has the name of the bar, on the other side it says, “Good for one free drink”.

If someone buys a round of drinks and you already have a drink, the bartender gives you a “woodie”. That way, you can have the drink at your leisure.

It’s so common at my place of choice that no one even jokes about “woodies” anymore.

So I take this hasn’t yet caught on in the cities?


I’ve never seen it in Ireland but at a bar in New York, they did this with beer mats. It wasn’t exactly secure but it seemed to work fine. With tipping and buybacks thrown in, going for a drink was like the Krypton Factor.

The more common thing that I’ve seen is a shot glass or a small plastic cup turned over and placed next to your drink.

And you can take those home for the next time? :wink:

Even if I live a million years, I hope I never go to a bar where part of the entertainment involves a burly bartender trying to give me a woodie. YMMV.

I have never gotten a “woodie” at the bar.

Where do I have to go to get a “woodie”?

I have a plastic woodie. I have no idea how I got it. I’ve never heard of the bar and I’ve never in my life set foot into the town where the bar is located.

Wooden nickles? Cool.

All they’ll do at my bar is rub my crotch.

Yes, woodies “caught on in the cities” about 4-5 *generations *ago. My grandfather used to collect them when he was a kid. Glad to know they’re making a comeback.

And speaking of comebacks, I’ve gotten much more than woodies from bartenders over the years.

Most of the bars I drink in the bartender either remembers who is “owed” a drink or takes the patrons word for it (i.e. just let them know that Brutus put that one in during her last round). Failing that, they tend to write it down.

That would be the whole reason to go to that bar but that is another story. I would so be there.

I have seen wooden nickels before but never seen them in a drink situation like that. It seems pretty cool but I doubt I will ever be out your way to experience it.

I have a card that says, “Good for one free drink at Hoppers Bar, Moorcroft Wyoming”. I found it in my yard. I figure if I ever get up to Moorcroft and Hoppers is still hopping, I’ll just buy a drink and save the card.

There are a few bars around here that used to give woodies, but at least one switched to plastic tokens. “Plasticies”?

Who said “burly”? Who said “male”?

Most of the bartenders are female, and attractive.


Like I said: I hope I ever go to a bar where part of the entertainment involves a burly bartender trying to give me a million woodies. YMMV.

I haven’t seen such a thing for at least 25 years. And I’m barely old enough to say that.