Can you help me identify this movie?

I haven’t seen it, I just read about it, and I became curious.

It starts with a man placing stones on another person, crushing him and trying to make him confess something about his beliefs (religious maybe, or something about witchcraft). The man confesses, but is killed anyway. They are all wearing pointy hats, sort of like in this image, from the Salem trials. Then a man from those times is brought to modern times and is bewildered by cars. I found a movie about the Salem trials, but there is no time traveling there…

Please? :frowning:

I don’t think this is it, but what the heck. Warlock with Julian Sands and Lori Singer.

Just Visiting, perhaps, although I don’t remember the beginning. It’s a remake of the French film Les Visiteurs.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but could it be The Navigator?

A man (and later a woman in modern times) are pressed under a door weighted with stones in a made-for-TV movie called Crowhaven Farm. I forget the rest of the movie, but I remember that part.

Thank you. I’ve seen Warlock and Just Visiting (both versions), so I know for sure that it’s not those. From what I’ve read, Crowhaven Farm doesn’t have any time traveling. I’m not sure about The Navigator…

Any other suggestions?

I took the liberty of posting your question on the IMDB board, and one the experts posited that your movie is indeed “The Navigator,” as it does deal with time travel, and our primitive Pilgrimish savages being taken aback by modern automobiles.

Well, Whoopi Goldberg gets uncomfortably pressed under a fallen hardware-store display shelf in Fatal Beauty. By any chance, is the person in the OP’s memory a wisecracking black woman?

The Navigator doesn’t have anyone being crushed by rocks. It’s about miners from the Dark Ages who are hiding away from the Plague, and find themselves having dug into a modern day city.

There are a lot of culture shock scenes, though.