Can you help me pinpoint this Japanese address.

The address is

1-25-11, Niihori, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan

but, when I submit it through Google Maps (as is) nothing comes through for me.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a typo? If you can pull it up can you please send me a link of this spot…

Thanks alot! then click English Address Search and then work from the bottom up (Tokyo, then Edogawa-ku, etc).

Takes you here on Google Maps:

Japanese addresses are a bitch aint they?

haha… ya…

and thanks Col

But Japanese Google Maps is pretty cool - loads of detail, individual building outlines and lots of labelling. Makes the UK version look very poor.

I notice the web page says: “Diddlefinger thinks the address is here.”


Well, at least it’s honest, I guess.

Diddlefinger? OK, then.

Some porn entreprenuer must have been gobsmacked when he found that domain name was taken by a mapping website.