Can you hurt your body by eating a whole lot of sugar candy at one sitting?

I’m thinking of the kind that is nearly all sugar or cornsyrup, nothing as complex as a chocolate bar.

Would a lot of sugar in the blood create problems for your insulin system?
Would you get too much sugar in the blood and is that bad?
Would you actually get the tummy ache kids supposedly get eating too much candy? (I’ve personally never gotten that, and often simply eat one type of candy until I’m full. Especially if it’s a long movie and I bought the big box.)

I did this once. I really like the powdered Country Time Lemonade and once I ate half of a container of the pink kind in one sitting. It was almost like being drunk, except that there was more of a head rush. I went out with a friend and she told me I was being very strange although I don’t remembering doing anything too odd. AFAIK, there were no long term effects.

Can you OD on sugar? (I.e., make you woozy, impare your senses, etc.?)
Can it cause any permanent harm? Kill pancreatic cells? Cause kidney stones?

Yes, your body has a limited ability to deal with simple sugars. If you exceed that limit, you will feel woozy and strange. A Glucose tolerance test is normally used to gauge your sensitivity to sugar, but there’s also a Sucrose, i.e. sugar, tolerance test. It can make you sick:

I did that once. I was really mad at someone and comforted myself by eating an obscene amount of chocolate in one crazed setting. It wasn’t long before I got the very worst heartburn and gastric distress ever. Yeah, I really made things better for myself. No long-term damage (not from the candy, anyway).

You can OD on Mountain Dew.

The Mountain Dew Death Calculator tells you how many cans of Dew you would have to drink before you meet your demise (if your stomach doesn’t rupture first).

It tells me that roughly 242 cans in one sitting will “dew” me in.

If I eat a lot of sweets on an empty stomach I’m prone to really bad headaches. Other than that they don’t have much of an effect on me. I must be really sugar resistant or something because I can’t relate to “getting hyper” by eating/drinking a lot of sugar.

How to tell you’ve eaten too many sweets?
You’re sweatin’ caramel!

I’ve never taken drugs, don’t smoke cigarettes, and only drink ocasionally.

However, my one downfall is candy. I often don’t know when to stop and can’t control myself. If I buy a big bag of licorice, Dots, swedish fish, etc. (1 lb.) I will usually eat it all in one sitting. Usually I feel a bit ill when done but I haven’t had any other bad effect. Just have to make sure I brush my teeth immediately afterward.