Can you ID a Christpher Lee movie?

A family member thinks he remembers Lee in a movie “with a spaceship and the alien Ort comes out.” The details may be confused, of course. Anyone got a suggestion?

I did an IMDb “character search” on Ort and got one movie – and it didn’t have Lee in it.

Any chance the “alien” (robot actually) could have been GORT? If so it sounds a lot like The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) but that would have been Michael Rennie and not Christopher Lee. :confused:

I don’t know what “alien Ort” means, but Starship Invasions may be the closest likelihood. He didn’t do too many science fiction movies, they tended to be historical or horror.

Sounds like a bit of fusion of at least two movies may be in play. :slight_smile:

BTW: nice skin in those images! :wink:

Was it a green alien, by chance? If so, maybe The Return of Captain Invincible by Richard Mora. A riot, watching sober not recommended! Here’s Sir Chris singing Name your Poison

Too late to edit: Just learned the alien’s name was Julius. And it’s Philippe Mora, of course. :smack:

I agree with Zeldar that your family member may be recalling The Day the Earth Stood Still, and confusing Christopher Lee with Michael Rennie. They were both tall, distinguished-looking Englishmen, so it would be an understandable mistake.

Ask if they remember Christopher Lee wearing a really unfortunate hat. If so, then it’s probably Starship Invasions. :slight_smile:

The weirdest thing about that movie was that the aliens, including Christopher Lee, never actually spoke. All their communication was telepathic, so you had long scenes of motionless aliens staring at each other, with all their conversations in voiceover.

The best thing about that movie was the scene where they needed to collect a sperm sample from the middle aged Elmer Fudd-like farmer they had abducted, so they sent a hot naked alien in his cell to have sex with him.

I’m betting it was TDTESS. I know that he doesn’t really know who Christopher Lee is, and he’s likely to misremember Gort after all those years.

Good deal. I saw that when I was a pre-teen and it has stuck with me (although I have seen it on TV several times since then).

I was almost ready to suggest a further level to the confusion by suggesting “Mork from Ork.” But the substitutions for what was really there would have been too weird to imagine. :smiley:

Richard O’Brien must have seen that!

Who do you think wrote it?