Can you ID the game in this picture?

About halfway down the page of this cracked article at the head of item 1 on the list is a stock image of a person playing an out of focus computer game. I know I know what game that is but can’t quite come up with it. Can anyone ID that game?

If nothing pans out, you can contact the original photographer.

No idea, but it definitely appears to be an RTS.

Found the original on a Getty site. Maybe others in that batch would help?

It’s a different game altogether in the other images.

Seems to be Earth 2150. A video of what looks like the same map.

Looks like one of the Settler’s games for what I can see through the blur.

Wow; good job, Doc!

Normally I don’t give away my secrets, but in this case I have to credit Google’s reverse image search. I just cropped out the game screen part of the stock image and one of the hits was the right one.

BTW, I think the guy is literally just staring at the thumbnail for this video. Every element of the image is an exact match (given what we can see through the blur).

Thank you! The irony is I have never played that game so while I am sure you are right, that wasn’t the game I thought it was :slight_smile:

Anno 1404, probably.