Whoa! Very cool new Google game

Where in the World?

I’m still trying to get a score decent enough to brag about.

Too many stupid entries – clouds? two people in a restaurant making faces?

That said, I got 1361 in my second try.

Those are the ones I missed too. The lady on the couch with her dog? Puh-leeze.

Got 1,935 in my second try – everything since then has been pretty much guesswork.

Although I did have one incredibly lucky guess in a later round. The picture was a hallway…just a hall with doors. I came within 100 miles.

I got a 1934 in round 4. Kind of fun, but some just give you next to nothing to go on. If you look at the name of the image file, you can get some clues (unless they left the IMG1234… name). I got one to within about 20 km by googling a word in the file name.

I had one round where I got about 1,600 points off the first two pictures. One had a sign in the background reading “Welcome to North Carolina”, and the other had a caption reading “MainLineBiz.com” (a site I’m familiar with–it promotes businesses on the Main Line in Philadelphia). So I figured I was going to get an awe-inspiring score and brag about it here.

The next three pictures were of a guy standing in front of a blank wall, a kid sitting on a non-descript floor, and of a foot. Seriously. The last picture was of some guy’s foot. 0, 0, and 0.

After several rounds of play, I managed to get a high score of 2263. But that round was lucky because a couple of them were given away by the picture credit in the corner.

I was immensely proud of myself for identifying a misty picture of St. Petersburg in the first round just by the general look of the buildings.

OK, I just missed one because the “correct” location turned out to be a spot in the Atlantic about 200 km WSW of Brest. I zoomed way, way in and the map does not show an island there. The picture was a head shot of a pudgy young man (European ethnicity) in a dimly lit interior.

Enough of this game!

There’s vast differences in the amount of information the different photos give you. There was one that was clearly Venice, so I got that one within 1 km. A few photos have a Taiwanese url in it, so that narrows it down quite a bit.

The pictures also repeat a lot. I managed to get 2412 because I already knew roughly where 2 of the photos were from previous rounds.

2,423. One of the picture was a shot of a gondola on a canal, another was a double-decker London Style bus. Duh.

I don’t think it’s a very cool game. It could be cool if there was a reasonable chance that you could guess each picture, but in the 2 rounds that I played there were several pictures that there was no way to determine where they came from - things like a pics of a Caucasian boy in front of a computer, two Asian girls sitting at desks, or a very generic sunflower with blue sky in the background. Come on, each of those could be just about anywhere in the world!

I just got the bow of a boat at sea. That narrows it down to… everywhere. Lame game as it is now.

My first picture was generic European town…could have been Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc…I guessed middle of Spain, and it was middle of Italy.

The next two were easy. It was a guy next to something Celtics related, so I went to Boston and was off by like half a km. The next one was a picture of a picture of something with French writing, and it said “Bordeaux,” so I went there and again, off by like 0.5km. The next one was just a picture of a baby. That’s it. It looked Asian, most likely the Pacific islands area, so I guessed Malaysia…it was from England. Yeah, that’s fair.

In the third round, I had ANOTHER random baby. I just decided to click roughly in the middle of the US for nor reason, and by random chance I was only 80 km away! What are the odds of THAT?! In the third round, I had a photo that was clearly uploaded by the same person as I photo I had in round one that was in The Netherlands (it was the same date stamp, in the same spot, in the same color/font,) so I was able to get really close with that one, too.

And christ, how many fucking rounds on there? I’m on round 6 now, and it’s getting to the point where it’s mostly ones that have NO reference to where it could possibly be, other than maybe the trees have no leaves, so it’s a temperate climate.

Oh…I see, each round is another “chance.” I thought your score was all the rounds added together and that it ended at some point. Well, after six rounds my highest score was 2,583.

ETA: Yes! First place so far for Dopers! I’m guessing this will last like five minutes…at best. Still, it’s the first time I’ve ever had the highest score among Doeprs for any of these online games we play.

A ladybug?

A picture of a ladybug? How the hell…?

I have you beat by one point, but only because I have seen several pictures of the Paris auto show and can rack up 800+ points a piece for them.

I clawed my way up to 2676. Some of them are a lot of fun. It’s neat when you have a couple of clues. A ladybug, though? That one sucked. I also got one of two windsurfers on a wide expanse of ocean. No land in sight. Well, I guess that rules out a good 25% of the Earth at least.

I wonder how they know where they’re from. Do picasa users opt in and put down where each one was taken?


After a while, I deliberatly started clicking Greenland, or Elephant Island, or the middle of the pacific…

I think I got 0 for an entire round once.

3700 with luck. Several times in the 3K range. There are photos from a car show. My first guess was the US, and it was in Europe. The next photo was another car show photo. All differet photos but from the same show. I was able to get 0Km on one, and usually less than 1Km.

Remember car show photos are on the E05 in Se Paris at the Convention Center.


How many pictures are there of that car show in Paris? I get about one a round!

Oh, and my high score was a decent but not spectacular 2497.