Amusing Geography Flash Game

Found this on another board and thought it was fun. I hit 8th level on first try, 10th on the second. The questions get pretty obscure at higher levels. :slight_smile:

And this is the part where about 40 people post in this thread with “This was really easy. I gave it to my 4 year old kid sister and she scored 12th level on her first try.” :smiley:

China is a big friggin country. I’m off by an inch and it’s like 12,000 miles!
Plus I got careless and got South America mixed up with South Africa. :smack: Those lesser known cities in the 5th round were challenging to me. I didn’t make it through the 6th round on the second try. Maybe at home on the 19 inch monitor it’ll make a difference. This little 15 incher at work is cramping my style. I thought I had Havana nailed and I still missed it by 61km even though the country on this monitor is only a tenth of a centimeter long.

Ok, I’ll admit it. I only reached round 7 on the first try.

Score 209,047. East Timor? Holy crap!

Crapped out on level 10. Needed 50,000 and only got 33,563. 394,959 total.

I had a couple lucky guesses along the way. “Hmm, I know it’s in Italy. <click> Ooh, 40km.”

Africa is my nemesis in this one. I always had problems with Africa. Is it just my imagination or do the borders really change every other year?

452321 pts
Level 11
IQ 121

580,849, level 12, IQ 134. Out of all of them only one was a real guess (missed by more than 2000km)

Failed on last level, 56607/60000 for that one =/

552627, level 12, 131 IQ. I missed something Beach in the USA (wrong coast) and a couple of African archipelagos by horrible margins.

I was able to finish it the second try: 588,482, IQ 135, Level 12… no fanfare/fireworks. :frowning:

Level 10 was where I screwed up, putting Belize in the wrong feckin’ continent. But I was pleased to miss San Marino by only 13km.

Got killed on level 10 too. But it was on the first try.

517,976 level 11 of my first try. Got screwed my two Austrailian Islands groups ; I was off the wrong coast.

That’s a great game, I wish they would have made the map bigger.

Cool game!

I got to level 9 on my first try, but I didn’t get many within 100km. I’m definitely going to do better on my next time.

518,806. missed level 12 by 8 points. must try again.

608,847, IQ 137. Some lucky guesses, but the map could be bigger.

Damn thing froze up on me several times…couldn’t get past level 2 when half of the locations timed out.

Level 10. Grr… close. But they put Köpenhamn in Småland rather than in Denmark. (Silly nitpick, I know.)

IQ 104 on the second try. Could probably do better on a bigger screen. Fun game, though.


I got to level 10 with 353436 points total. I did pretty poorly with Africa, somewhat less poorly with South America. I also had trouble with those teeny little island nations like St. Kitts.

Score: 365 603
Level: 10
IQ: 111

My first try but I’m not getting past level 10 unless I’m very lucky. They loaded level 10 with Africa and it has always been my Achilles heel.

Can anybody beat a distance of 11 000 (or so)? I misread Tanzania for Tasmania. The misery of that is that Tanzania is one of the two dozen or so countries in Africa I can readily locate.

I also managed to get within 10km of the Hagia Sophia. I was quite pleased with that. The amusing part is that I was about 200km from the CN Tower and I live right close to there.