Can you identify this actress for me?

“Mary Elizabeth Winstead” is Kristen Stewart. Scene is from the The Runaways. I think the next clip is Charlize Theron, but it’s really hard to tell.

You’d think that somewhere on the Internet there’s a photo of one of these actresses in a sable coat! :confounded:

I apologize. I’d never seen that movie and Kristen’s chin always seemed so finely chiseled and much thinner in the movies I’ve seen her in. To be fair, I Almost said Kristen… but that chin just didn’t seem to match. That’s why I said Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Here are a couple of pictures of Sharon Stone wearing furs in “Casino.” Do either of these resemble the look in that clip?

Unfortunately, no.

My daughter’s coming over on Friday. I’ll turn on Game TV while she’s here. If anybody can identify the actress, she can.

This shot of Scarlett is also close to the face in the promo.

Sharon Stone (another Very talented actress). From this picture… possibly… Heigl? Cybil Shepard from ‘Last Picture Show’? Heck, it could even be Deborah Foreman.

More like this. The pose is similar too.

J Lo?

Nope, not her either. Don’t think it’s Deborah Foreman either. And I would recognize Cybil Shepard.

The shot in the promo shows just the actress’s head and shoulders.

Michelle Pfeiffer?


As someone who has lusted after Drew Barrymore roughly her entire life (I’m 2 years older than she is), I can state unequivocally that the eyes in .07 of that clip do, in fact, belong to Drew.

I finally got my daughter to look at a screenshot taken with my new mobile. She identified her immediately as Amy Adams.

The B&W photo is not from the movie in the promo (probably American Hustle), but is very, very close to the close-up on TV.


Was the actual clip something like this picture?

BINGO! Ding, ding, ding, ding!!!

That’s it!

I knew that if anyone could identify her, my daughter could.