Can you identify this film/TV show?

This is very very obscure but its a scene that scared me at the time and I’m wondering if its actually from a movie/TV show or was it something I dreamt…

I saw this a long long time ago and all I can recall is the scene where children were playing in the countryside and they get themselves a rear tractor tyre and think it’d be a good idea to get one of them to sit inside it and then push it down a very steep hill.

Of course it all goes horribly wrong with the tyre going a lot further and faster than they expect.

I saw it when I was very young… :slight_smile:

“I saw it when I was very young.” It would help us to identify it if we knew how long ago you saw it. Are you now 15? 25? 75?

Thats a point, I’m 30, I probably say it in the mid-80’s at a guess.

I’ll be very surprised and impressed if anybody recognises it but its something that pops up in my mind on occassion.

I remember that scene, too! I’m 35 and I was probably fairly young when I saw it. Unfortunately, I can’t remember anything else about the movie.

Eh, any chance it was Forever Young, Forever Free (1976)

There’s a similar scene in To Kill a Mockingbird. Scout is in the tire. It doesn’t go down a steep hill, but does go faster and further than expected - right into Boo Radley’s front yard (the scariest person they know - at that stage). Because it’s set in small town South, the kids are dressed in dungarees and it seems quite rural. It would have been scary as a kid since Scout’s brother and neighbour were convinced she’d be attacked by Boo.

Can’t speak for the OP, but that is definitely the one I remember. One of the comments in the ratings does mention boys rolling down a hill in tires. And the South African and then New York settings ring a bell.

Was one kid black and one white? Then it’s e’Lollipop, which is the proper title of * Forever Young, Forever Free*.