Can you identify this insect?

Does anyone have any guess as to what this insect might be?
I saw one in my house and I’ve been hearing crackling noises
in one wall indicating something’s alive in there. :frowning:

Pic didn’t come up. How do I post an Imgur link? (Sorry)

Just copy the URL and paste it in the message.

Thank you!

The insect flies; I apologize for the poor pic quality.

Drain fly.

ETA: They don’t live in walls.

Thank you, beowulff for your quick reponse! Guess I’ll call an
exterminator for the wall mystery.

My tenant was infested with those. The cause: he didn’t use the sink in the master bath, and all the water from the trap evaporated. These guys live in the sewer, and when the trap is not full of water, they can enter the house.

Yikes. How’d you get rid of them?

You just block any entrance (like, by filling the trap with water), and make sure there’s no standing water. They won’t live in moving water, so making sure you run some water down rarely-used drains helps.

I once had them living in a bucket of old photo fixer I was saving to try to recover the silver from. I was amazed that they could live in that environment.

Thanks, beowulff!

I’m glad we saved you from spending money on an exterminator.

:+1: But since they don’t live in walls – I still don’t know what I’m
hearing inside one wall. :frowning:

I’m not aware that drain moths make any noise. Perhaps there are two problems. I’d suggest filling all the traps and see if the crackling continues.

Good idea! Thanks. :slight_smile:

I think you can hear large cochroaches in the wall.
It may be a mating ritual going on. ? high summer in the northern hemisphere.

Yikes. The weird thing is the noise has stopped. I’ve scheduled a free inspection with an exterminator next week.

That fly’s native habit includes public restrooms.

Sounds like a job for Stephen King Pest Control. :skull:

Ick. The situation seems to have resolved itself. The noise has stopped, and a pest control guy didn’t see anything.
He says my house looks “real good” as far as being sealed.

I’m not sure what “crackling” would be but scratching might be a mouse.

Thanks. The noise stopped, so I’ve stopped worrying about it. :slight_smile:

“Can you identify this insect?”
The pic is blurry, but it sure looks like Roger.