Yet another "bug ID" thread!

With no pictures! (Yeah, yeah, I know …)

Ok so here’s the stats: moved, new (to me) apt. in an old (to the world) building. Saw bugs within the first hour. They look like baby roaches, but I believe they are not because 1) never seen here even once a full-size roach knock on wood and 2) these buggers do not run from the light. At all. Oh, and I put out roach traps within hours of moving in, been here a month, and have seen no impact.

They have faint wide stripes running the length of their bodies - nothing flashy, just beige and brown - and are quite small. I think the largest I’ve seen has been maybe 1/4" tops, and many smaller than that. This is just body length, mind you: they do have long, whispy, constantly moving antennae that are easily triple that length.

And they can run like the dickens when threatened by a too-slow napkin. But they do NOT scurry away just because I turned on a light in the middle of the night.
Help. Please.

Let’s try to narrow this down…

Do they look like weevils, or like Hemipterid Bugs?

They do not appear to have the long mouthparts of the weevils. They also don’t have “shields” on their backs like most of the results in the hem… hemip… The other link.

The best description I can give is really just “tiny itty bitty roach-like things with long antennae that do not run from light.” I’ll try to not squash the next one long enough to look for better details … But I’m not promising. :slight_smile:

How about this - the three-lined cockroach

I think you nailed it there, Mangetout. The apt. is supposed to send someone out to seal big gaps in the bathroom cabinets, which I HOPE will eliminate at least some of their access. But in the meantime, at least I can put a name to this fresh new hell. Thank you.

I think I missed my edit window there but … What’s the scientific name for that one? I can’t isolate many articles about that species in particular, not even a Wikipedia page. (Unless I’m really messing this up b/c I’m on a tablet … )

Luridiblatta trivittata, or Phyllodromica trivittata. Sometimes referred to as the "Friendly Cockroach. I believe it’s a fairly recent invasive.

Friendly cockroach? Whatever next? The good-natured Hornet? The Jolly Cobra? It’s Public Relations gone mad.

Oh, no, no, no, we do NOT use the words “friendly” and “cockroach” in the same sentence.

Use of roach traps

  1. Clean up all other food sources

  2. Deploy traps

  3. Put poison on natural food OR water source, and find the roaches dead due to this,

Did you know the back of the refrigerator may be the water source ?

if you spread poison around the dark places of the kitchen,
behind the refrigerator , under the cabinets and stoves, and into the dark places near the pipes…

I have two cats, so their food and water bowls would always be a source of, well, food & water. I think I’ll be deploying the diatomaceous earth today, but I know that with shared wall apartments there’s only so much I can do.

I’m sure we all have “friends” like this…:wink:

The Affectionate Tapeworm.