ID a bug for me?

Meet my new roomate. Three eighths of an inch of puuure ugly. (I apologize for the poor image quality, but it’s kinda tiny and I don’t have a proper macro lens.)

Anybody know what it is?

Wow, one I think I can identify! Looks like a pseudoscorpion. The size and shape are just right.

Looks like a tick.

I’m pretty sure it’s a Deadly Necrotizing Poisonbug of Agonizing Death. But don’t worry, that’s just a name. The truth is it kills by ripping blood vessels out of your face

definitely a pseudoscorpion; note the bulbous pincers.

^Yep, and definitely not a tick.

Yes, definitely a pseudoscorpion. They are harmless to anything over about a millimeter long. Personally, I think they are kind of cute.

I’ll trade you the pseudoscorpion for some of the actualscorpions that I get in my house.

Must… resist… obvious… joke…


Pseudoscorpion, eh? Thanks everyone!

adam yax, thanks for the offer, but not if you threw in all the tea in China. shudder