Can you identify this saint?

And tell me why he’s showing off that tiny little cut? Was he martyred by blood poisoning from a nick after being forced to shave his legs by Infidels?


Possibly St. Peregrine, patron of those suffering from cancer.

Could be St. Giles

Dang, hit post too quickly. The info for St. Giles specifically mentions a wounded leg.

Benardino Realino?

He was a Jesuit priest.

During his last illness, blood from a leg wound was collected in vials …

I think this is correct. Do a google image search on Saint Peregrine and you will get several similar images, such as the one on this page:

I’m just pleased to find another fan of the ancient Inexplicable Object of the Week Archive.

Check out the other objects. Some of them are really funny.

Here’s a link to google images. It must be St. Peregrine,

I’d go with the consensus on St Peregrine. There was a similar statue in the chapel at my sister’s school.

Thanks. Looks like St. Peregrine, all right. Hmm. Is this uncorrupted body on display someplace? I’d be really curious to let the Mythbusters at this guy.