Can you issue a stop payment on a cashier's check?

The title says it all.

Let’s say you get “buyer’s remorse” after buying something with a cashier’s check. Can you get your money back?

You need to talk to the financial institution that issued the check.

You may as well have given the seller cash.

It is not possible to stop a cashier’s or certified check. Period. An emphatic “no.” Once issued, they are legally considered obligations of the issuing bank that must be honored if presented by a holder in due course.

If you are still in possession of the cashier’s check, you may be able to return it to the bank and “stop” it by way of getting the money back, less their fee - probably $10-20. If the check is believed to be destroyed, lost or stolen, there is a fairly elaborate process where you can submit an affadavit of loss or theft, and 90 days later get the check refunded.

Regarding a vehicle which I’d sold, the buyer reniged and was able to withdraw $1000 from my account while still maintaining possession of the vehicle. Lawsuit ensued. Short answer-it can be done. I didn’t think so until getting burnt.

My bank cancelled payment on a cashier’s check that had gotten lost in the mail. It wasn’t a big deal – they just cancelled the check and recredited my account.

The main issue was that the check hadn’t been cashed yet. If that had happened, I’d be SOL.

Well, I didn’t know about certified checks, but I do know that car dealers have gotten scammed by “customers” using money orders.

Money orders CAN be stopped under certain circumstances. In some cases, con artists posing as customers would buy quality used cars after going with the salesman to a local bank and getting a money order… then go back to that bank later, claiming the money order had been stolen, and getting it stopped.

Thus, the bogus customer would get his own money back, and keep the car.

It may be the same with cashier’s checks- if you convince the bank it’s been stolen, they may be willing to help you stop it.