Recover funds from old cashier's check?

In going through some bank records for a few years ago, I discovered that I had written a cashier’s check for $300. Then I remembered that the big $300 deal fell through, and I never gave the check to anyone, and until today the matter remained promptly forgotten. So that $300 is sitting in some corporate pergatory, earning interest for someone who’s not me. Anyway, I can’t find the original check, so how do I go about getting my $300 back? If it matters, it was drawn on a checking account at Citibank.

A personal cheque goes stale after about 6 months and can no longer be presented. Other cheques can countries may vary.

Without the cheque or proof of purchase you will not be able to get your money back. Do you have the receipt (I hope so because the Tax Department requires you to) and associated paperwork? Take it all to the bank and ask nicely. You will probably be refused but it will be a fun experience with capitalistic bureaucracy.

I don’t have the receipt but I probably do have the statement from that month which should have the cashier’s check withdrawal on it. Hmmm.

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You can probably coax the bank into researching the check, especially if you have your bank statement. You will possibly need to get an affidavit from the check’s payee (if possible) confirming he’s not entitled to the check. Otherwise, you will have to indemnify the bank against a possible claim (i.e., the check ultimately being presented by the payee).

I don’t know how long the bank will keep a cashier’s check open; whether it is in some kind of unclaimed funds account or has already escheated to the state. Any information you can get from the bank should help you reclaim your money. You may have to pay a nominal fee for the research.

Yes, I’d call the bank. I wrote one a while back, it was never cashed, and a year later the bank sent me back the money. without my having to ask the bank. So I would imagine your bank should have done something similar.

The bank’s receipt of transaction goes into the “clearing batch” for that day and is locked in the vault. However, I’m not too sure how long your bank keeps it’s records.

I’d say if you’re insistant, you’ll get your money back. But “a few years ago” is a hell of a long time to notice you’re due that extra money.

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Well, here’s a funny addendum. I just found the old cashier’s check. It was hiding under a pile of junk mail from last year. Don’t ask me why.

Anyway, does anyone know if you can re-deposit a cashier’s check made out to someone else, or will I have to bring it down to the bank and beg them to fix it?

If it’s really a cashier’s check, then you will have to take it back to the bank. You can’t (legally) endorse it as you are not the payee.

To clear up any confusion, you may have instructed the bank to issue a cashier’s check but you could not have issued it yourself. Cashier checks are issued by the bank and are drawn against their own account. Banks will (almost always) charge your account at the time the check was originally issued.

No so, aahala. The purchaser of a bank check or cashier’s check (2 different animals) can endorse the back of the check “Not used for purposes intended”, sign it and deposit it to their own account. The catch in this case is the date of the check. If friedo deposits the check it may be returned as "Stale dated. I would take the check to the bank and have them either replace the old check with a new one or refund the cash.

Thanks, DJ. I’ll try it your way first, since it requires the least amount of work.

In case anyone’s wondering, Mr. Doctor Jackson’s method worked. I sent back the check with a deposit slip and I now have a phat $300 in my account.