Can you make fruit-instilled vodka at home?

By simply cutting up fruit and putting it in some vodka for a week or so? How does this wind up tasting relative to off-the-shelf fruit-flavored vodka?

If so, is there any fruit that you can’t do this with? At what point in time are there diminishing returns for taste versus time? Does the flavor not get stronger after, say, a month or so of infusion?


You’ll need an airtight container like a mason jar. Put your washed, cut ingredients in the jar, fill with vodka, and put in a cool, dark place, giving it a good shake a few times a day. Taste test every couple of days until it’s how you want it.

The intensity and time needed will vary based on what you are using. Powerful flavors like lemon, vanilla, mint, most spices and herbs, will only take a few days. Milder flavors like most fruit may take up to 2 weeks. For the most part you’ll have gotten all you’re going to get out of [whatever] after about 2 weeks. If after that you still want more flavor, add fresh [whatever] and continue shaking it up and taste-testing.

When you’re satisfied with it strain out the solids and enjoy!

I infused some vodka with cucumber and let it sit for 2 weeks, making sure to shake it really well each day. It came out quite tasty and makes a hella bloody mary.

BTW if your ingredient is bacon, a different approach is necessary.

Yes, I have tried this and it works. I made me some bacon Wild Turkey this summer.

There have been a couple of fairly recent threads on this exact subject, complete with detailed recipes/techniques that various Dopers use to create some apparently excellent results, including easy ways to use cheesecloth or coffee filters to strain the finished brews resulting in more aesthetically pleasing liquors…

You can, we have, and it’s gooood.

It was pretty simple; we used a sun tea jar and didn’t follow any particular recipe. Raspberries, sliced pears and a large bottle of mid-price hootch, let it sit for a few days. It turned out yummy. Seems like it would be tough to screw up.

Yes, and it’s easy. Don’t buy expensive vodka; it doesn’t do you any good. Buy the cheapest rat poison you can get. I’ve had excellent results with lime, blackberry, and orange. I have had horrendous, undrinkable results with pomegranates and raspberries. The bar my sister worked at did jalapeno vodka and gin, which they used in cocktails. If you want to drink it straight, consider adding sugar. I often add as much sugar as vodka and fruit by volume. If you want to mix it with other things, sugar isn’t usually necessary.

The word you are looking for is “infused”. Yes, it’s very easy to do. Some people add some sugar, but you can do it with dried fruit. Do some googling for recipes.

Yeah, you can do that with all sorts of things. You can leave it as vodka, or you can add some simple syrup and make it a whatever-flavored liquor, which is the route we usually take.

Well, I wouldn’t go with “cheapest rat poison you can get.” Have had the best results with citrus* and the time I tried pear didn’t come out so tasty.

I’ve done with with mid-grade vodka (Svedka, I think), frozen lingonberries, with a touch of fresh orange zest and a few cardamom seeds. Slightly crushed the lingonberries, and strained after two weeks. Delicious!

Geeze I misread this. I thought you wanted vodka-infused fruit.

I had a shot of homemade habanero infused vodka once, a wild experience.

Yeah, same here. That stuff can really take your breath away. Makes a hell of a Bloody Mary though.

I recommend Viking Fjord, its a potato Vodka that is distilled 7 times and its cheap to boot.
my favorites to infuse
Cucumber, this one is stupid delicious on the rocks, fair warning its dangerous
Bacon, I take bacon and cook it on a smoker for an hour, bacon vodka is great in bloody marys and meaty bones ™ {meaty bone is one small cube of steak in a shot glass, cover with tomato juice or v8 or spicy v8, float bacon vodka on top, add a drop or 4 of franks red hot or something with some kick if you want}
ginger, made with fresh ginger its also super drinkable on the rocks
those are probably the most drinkable ones I have made.

That’s how pacharán (blackberry-infused dry anise) is made, although most people I know let it sit for a month at least.

Be careful when purchasing, though. We thought we found one in at a tiny fruit vendor in an out-of-the-way shop. Unfortunately we misread the label and ended up with a monkey’s paw. I [del]wish[/del] think it would have been better if we never went to that shop.

Any NYC dopers without the time or inclination, head to the Russian Vodka Room. Flavoured vodkas hold nothing to what they have there. And samichke!

For awesome white russians, you can infuse vodka with coffee beans. But use the coffee-infused vodka up relatively quickly (say, in a couple of months). I tried one recently with my year+ old coffee-infused Smirnoff, and it was decidedly not tasty.

Oh man, I’m going to have to try the coffee beans! I just did this recently, although I went the cheap and easy route and used candy. Various hard candies in half pint canning jars: dissolved in about a day. Atomic Fireballs went over extremely well, as did green apple Jolly Ranchers old fashioned Anise drops. Butterscotch, grape JR and Lemonheads? Not so much. We had a blast making various mixers with them at our Halloween party last night though!

Ok, I need to save this…Meaty Bone? Hummadah hummadah…I am so making that!!:eek: