Can you name this song?

I thought this question was more MPSIMS style than GQ style.

I’m trying to find out what song the following lyrics are from, as well as who the artist is. It’s a modern song, I believe in the style of trip-hop (has areally heavy hip-hop type beat, along with what sounds like guitars).The singer is female and has a high voice. Sorry if this doesn’t tell much, but it’s better heard. Anyway, the partial lyrics are:

Lyrics may also not be incorrect in some words…but if you know it, I would be very appreciative if any of you could help me out.

It’s worth the risk of burning, to have a second chance…

whoops, should read: “Lyrics may also not be correct in some words.”

Yeah, that’s Elvis’ ‘C.C. Rider’. And no, you didn’t get many of the words right.

Ok, can you either send me a song sample, or the full lyrics so I can verify (i’m pretty sure about most, just a few words MIGHT not be correct in my original post)?

Doob, thats Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, but you didn’t get very many of the words right.

I am very surprised. I can never Name That Tune. Except this time.

The song is “Strangers” by Portishead, from their album Dummy. The band is Beth Gibbons, possessor of the only truly sexy soprano I can recall, and Geoff Barrow, a producer known for a long time as “that guy from Portishead (UK)”, hence the band’s name.

Yes. Trip-hop. A friend of mine says they make spy-movie music without the movie. Samples, scratching, nose flute, and Hammond organs.

I thought the lyrics were (and I’m not messing with you)

It keeps going on from there but that’s all I’m going to transcribe (guess at wildly) right now.

Let’s see. Quick trip to Napster, found the song, and Boris is Right!!! But that song is weird…

Cecil said it. I believe it. That settles it.

I missed these replies, so…

Ha, that MUST be it. I thought it sounded like something by portishead. I was a little surprised when I heard trip-hop type music on my local public radio station. THat day I found out they had a new show that played trip-hop, break beats, and other “underground” type stuff. Now I know :). Thanks Boris!

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