Can you provide me with a list of conservative/liberal biased newspapers andmagazines

I know there is bias in the media… which publications are conservative and which ones are liberal?

Magazines of the left:
The Nation
Mother Jones
The Utne Reader

Magazines of the moderate right:
The National Review
Atlantic Monthly

Newspapers of the far right:
The Washington Inquirer
The Washington Times

Every newspaper in every city has some kind of political leaning, but most make a pretty fair stab at political balance. The Washington Post is often accused of being a standard-bearer of the Democratic party, but their columnists include George Will and Charles Krauthammer. The Washington Times is owned by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church and puts its right-wing agenda on the front page every day, but they’re actually better than the Post about their coverage of Black Washingtonians.

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I’ll start with a couple, just to warm you up…

NY Times
LA Times
NY Post
US News and World Report
National Review

The Indianapolis Star has a long reputation as a conservative paper, but it’s less conservative after being bought by the Gannett (USA Today) chain.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. owns several newspapers, and there’s not a liberal paper in the lot of them. The New York Daily News is an example, and it’s quite conservative. Fox News, on TV, is a News Corp. outlet, and it has a growing reputation for being very conservative. The movie Outfoxed charges that Fox News follows the GOP party line closely.

The New York Times is often called a liberal paper, but they apologized to readers recently for accepting the Bush administration line on reasons for the Iraq war without diligent fact checking.

As you might have seen, “conservative” and “liberal” are often in the eye of the beholder. Letters to the editor sometimes show two letters castigating the paper for bias in the same story. One letter says it’s liberal bias, the other says it’s conservative bias. :dubious:

:smack: A retraction.
:smack: An apology.
:smack: I screwed up. I mis-identified the NY Daily News as a News Corp. paper. Nope. I was wrong.

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Harper’s is a great and very liberal magazine.

Where would you rate The Wall Street Journal? Unless I’m mistaken, this is one of the more respected newspapers in the world.

The Wall Street Journal is a mixed bag. The reporting is accurate and nearly neutral, by most accounts. However, the Editorial Page is very conservative.

The Atlantic and The Economist are both good mags with moderate conservative leanings.

Harpers is an interesting mag from a left of center perspective. The NY Times is basically left of center, though this can be debated.

The Washington Post is a pretty centrist newspaper. They generally endorse the democratic candidate, But as Krokodil pointed out, they have a slew of conservative columnists. They also supported the Iraq war, though they now seem to have second thoughts.

As far as I know, The New Republic is also a very conservative magazine. I browsed a few copies years ago and thought it was a little biased towards the right.

Magazines that (unlike Harper’s, Atlantic Monthly, etc.) are definitely and mainly about politics:

In These Times
Mother Jones
The Nation
The Progressive
Z Magazine
Utne Reader

Moderate liberal:
The American Prospect

The New Republic

Policy Review
Public Interest
Weekly Standard

The National Review
The American Spectator

The American Conservative


If I want to read an intelligent Conservative opinion, I read the National Review. I am aware that what I read may be written with certain biases, but they are not, as a whole, completely off the wall.

If I want to read an intelligent Liberal opinion, I read The Guardian on line because it provides me with a little perspective at a distance. I also check with the Amnesty International website on specific issues, even though it is not actually a “news source.” Most of the time I just “inquire within.”

Sorry, I agree with BrainGlutton on this one - The New Republicis a little left of center, and very pro-Israel. I have subscribed to it for at least 15 years, and there was a time a few years ago when it started tracking a little to the right. They fired that editor (Michael Kelly, RIP) and now the magazine’s back on track.

I still miss the days when Michael Kinsley was editor, though.

You’re not seriously suggesting that one data point proves the NYT is not a liberal paper, are you? Granted, it may not be liberal relative to you.

From Denver:

The Denver Post - Moderate verging on liberal.

The Rocky Mountain News - Conservative with a libertarian streak.

But they’ve changed, man. They both used to have excellent editorial pages. Whether I agreed or not, I was treated to sharp, incisive reasoning and well thought out and laid out proposals and stands on the issues. Now they’re both just lowest-common-denominator. Also, 3/4 of the column space is now taken up by Joe Schmoe from Anywhere, Colorado instead of people who actually have some idea of what they’re talking about.

WORLD Magazine (C’tian conservative weekly newsmag- pretty Rightish but not as much as …)

THE NEW AMERICAN (Birch Society weekly, an inferior successor to its monthly AMERICAN OPINION and weekly REVIEW OF THE NEWS)

Of course I’m not. However, it’s not just one data point. They acknowledged that they dropped the ball on a major continuing story for an extended period of time. When one of the most respected papers in the country falls for that big a lie for that long, it hurts their standing as a credible news source. Editors should ask, “…and how do we know this is true?” instead of meekly printing the White House press releases.

Since no one, including you, has said otherwise, I can only assume that in that same extended period their coverage of all other issues was liberal. So you still have only one data point.

You’re not seriously contending that their coverage on this one issue suddenly makes them not liberal, are you?

I disagree, sort of. The Economist is definitely more fiscally conservative (which seems like the wrong term, but they do advocate free trade), but their social commentary is pretty liberal. Earlier this year they had a cover story on why gay marriage should be legalized.

They also have the best photo captions around.