liberal news my ass!

i am a news junkie, from drudge to can any one give me the name or web address of a liberal newspaper. one that has been judged and accepted as liberal, in the united states.

The Chronicle is fairly liberal for an American newspaper. Not all that good, but a fun read. Might I suggest the Guardian in the U.K. for a really liberal read. The BBC is more middle of the road, but it would be considered liberal in the U.S., and has some great news. I find foreign newspapers give a great perspective on American news that is completely absent from the right wing American media.

Depends on who you consider an acceptible judge. Internet sites tend to be either conservative or libertarian, mostly because of the conservative perception of a liberal bias within the media. conservatives flock to the internet (I know, this isn’t answering your question).

Besides the internet sites of generally-acceptedly liberal newspapers (Washington Post, L.A. Times), you might consider Another site you might look into would be Or just do a Google search for “liberal news.”

Hope this helps
-Redhawke, red-meat conservative

If you want an objective view of the US, DPWhite’s suggestion is a good one. Look at foreign newspapers now and then, to get a new viewpoint.

It may shock your system. The American media are very inward focused, particularly the broadcast media. There is a huge world out there, and its occupants’ views of the US are stimulating. Like all outside feedback, you will find positive and negative - but don’t deny the negative or you will learn nothing. Sometimes our friends see us more clearly than we do.

As Burns said “O wad some Power the giftie gie us, To see oursels as ithers see us.” (Of course, he was a Scot and they have problems with English.)

Another good objective view is in the Irish Times on, which has the same independent status as the UK’s Guardian. It has good foreign coverage which will give you interesting input.

Sorry, a stray comma throws the cite off. Make that

I agree with the others here in looking at foreign papers.
A good resource is
Explore and enjoy.

New York Times.
Washington Post.

Ever hear of those? Ever read their editorials and op-eds?

I honestly don’t think there is a “liberal” newspaper in the US. They are almost all “middle-of-the-road”. Very few of them have a particular viewpoint, unlike newspapers in Europe.

And the only people who point to the NYTimes as being liberal are the same folks who think CNN stands for “Communist News Network”!

The best place for a leftist take on current events in The Nation, a weekly magazine—>

OK, Mr. Frink, tell me - what conservative viewpoints or candidates have you ever seen a New York Times editorial support? And, with the sole exception of William Safire, the same question can be applies to their regular Op-Ed page columnists as well.

The New York Times leans left if not 100% of the time, then easily 90%.

Chaim Mattis Keller

Whether a newspaper is “liberal” or not is, of course, a matter of opinion.

I’ll shoot this thead over to IMHO.

I must respectfully disagree with CMKeller about the Washington Post and the New York Times. I consider myself to be a middle of the road liberal, and my local compatriots think I’m some sort of freak righty. The WP and the NYT are not liberal except to the extent that they think they print “both” perspectives and report objectively. Frequently there are more than two perspectives. While they aren’t the right wing ranting soapbox that the Wall Street Journal has been in the past (jury still out after Gigot takes over as editor), they are most definitely establishment newspapers. Not fundamentalist or right wing (except when it comes to Clinton, both hate him), but certainly not liberal. Not liberal by a long shot. For a real quality liberal newspaper, you probably need to go overseas. As others have nentioned, they are numerous and now readily available on the internet.

I agree with CMK on the Times, not so much the *Post *.

I though CNN was Clinton News Network?


Okay, then I pose to you the same question I posed earlier…about the N Y Times, at least. Name me one conservative issue the Times has ever championed. Name me one conservative candidate the Times has ever endorsed. Hell, they endorsed Ruth Messinger when Giuliani was running for re-election!

Abortion, death penalty, welfare reform, environmentalism…endorsements in races from local councilperson to president. New York Times goes liberal, liberal, liberal.

Chaim Mattis Keller

CM, the NYT was one of the primary champions of pursuing the Clinton Troopergate and Whitewater stories, both of which were entirely bust from the start to the end. The were champions of Clinton’s satellite technology story to China which was also hogwash from start to end. Trashing Clinton is a conservative pastime.

Anyhoo, you asked for one story, I gave you three. Whether you agree with me that the stories were bunk or not, the NYT coverage of them was from a conservative perspective. My source is the liberal book “The Hunting of the President” by Joe Consonan and Geoffrey Lyons.

In fact, all the positions you cite are middle of the road positions, and certainly to be expected from any metropolitan newspaper, which the NYT certainly is.

A more recent example is the NYT’s backing (along with several other “liberal” papers) of the failed coup in Venezuela. In fact whenever you move beyond the US, you’ll find our “liberal” papers to be quite conservative compared with the media in other countries.

** cmkeller ** --Sorry, but just the fact that the NYTimes backed pro-business centrist candidate** Al Gore** over the Green Party’s Ralph Nader pretty much destroys the idea of any alleged “liberal” bias!

Anyways, my post was in the spirit of the OP, referring more to the content of the news section, not its editorials. If you read newspapers such as the UK’s Guardian you’d notice a definite liberal slant in its “hard news” section. The NYTimes–America’s “paper of record”–seems very objective & unbiased in its actual news reporting.