Can you request your mugshot?

Say you are arrested for any reason. Can you ask for a copy of your mugshot as a souvenir?

Sure, you can request it.

Yes. It’s how sites like The Smoking Gun get all their celebrity mugshots (which I think is through FOIA requests).

Asking for a copy of your mug shot is a felony in most places so, if you keep, repeating, it would probably make the universe explode.

Sorry…I have no idea. There are on public record somewhere I think judging by the number of them that show up on the web and on TV. You may be able to get one later that way.

Ok, but can you get it?

On second thought, this was probably a stupid question. I was thinking precisely about how all celebrities get theirs published and wondering how could one not being a celebrity get it without having a paper from where to copy it. I never thought about how the papers were getting it in the first place.

So who do you ask and how much of a hassle is it? And how can newspapers get them if they are not interested parties in the arrest? I guess FOIA opens that for them but I have no idea how convoluted that process is. It cannot be much since they have them in a matter of hours or days.