Can you soak beans too long?

Just leave 'em, it’s not going to hurt them. Use the same water or don’t as you normally do.

If left at room temp, “oversoaked” beans can sprout, or the skins on them can begin to ferment.

The sprouted beans are supposedly more nutritious, but they may not behave the same when cooked as a pot of beans.

The fermented beans will stink. Dump and start all over.

Damn, when I saw “ferment” in this thread, i was hoping for a bean beer recipe.

I just toss in dry unsoaked beans in my hoppin john and simmer for as long as they need. Usually it takes half an hour or so.

What if you soak black eyed peas and cook them in the same water? Is that ok?

People do that without harm, if they soak to soften before cooking. I’m soaking to leach out (or allow the beans to metabolize) some of the sugars I can’t digest, but the microbes in my gut can, with gassy results. So I throw away the water. Several changes of it, usually.

I think six years is too long to soak beans.

Well, I reported the thread for splitting before I replied.

John Thorne says to always cook your beans in the soaking liquid; by throwing out the soaking water you’re tossing out some good bean flavor. So I do that, because I always do what John Thorne tells me to do.

Also, the best way to avoid bean flatulence is to eat beans more frequently.