Can you soak beans too long?

I somehow got a day ahead of myself and put my (dry) black eyed peas in to soak today. I don’t want to cook them until Tuesday. :smack:

Should I pour the water off (it’s already been in there about 3 hours) now and start over tomorrow night? Just leave it? Change the water tomorrow? Pour it off tomorrow morning and keep the damp beans in the fridge?

I don’t think you can soak your beans too long. Once they’re saturated they can’t really get any more saturated.

I was hoping this was a sexy euphemism thread.

Might wanna pour the water off and put fresh water on. You don’t want them sitting in stale water.

I’m so happy that I wasn’t the only one.

I think you boys have had enough beans.

I have soaked beans early. I drain them and keep them in a container until I need them - up to couple of days.

You’re silly. And thank you…for the advice *and *the laughs!

Funny coincidence, I just put on a bean soup an hour ago, with beans I started soaking at noon yesterday. I meant to start cooking them around noon today, but went back to bed after waking up early and time got away from me. The pot of beans was quite foamy after soaking for over 30 hours, plus the room is really warm, probably about 75F. So, I thought maybe they started fermenting? Maybe they smelled a little like they were? I wasn’t about to waste them, though, and just rinsed them about three times, any questionable scent disappeared and they just smelled like normal rinsed beans. I added new water and put them back on the stove with a lamb leg bone and a duck neck. Smells good so far, anyway.

I thought I heard somewhere you can do a long soak refrigerated, if needed, or just changing the water periodically as already mentioned would probably be OK, too. I think they’re probably pretty hard to really mess up. I think I would just stick them in the fridge.

I once tossed a pot of cooked beans because I could see the little pink nib things (embryos?). I thought they were some kind of insect egg. Mom told me I had overcooked the beans. Embarrassing.

The crazy raw food nuts will soak beans for days until they’re soft enough to eat.

Awesome. I stuck 'em in the fridge when I realized what I’d done, water and all. So I think I’ll just look at them tomorrow - if anything is splitting, I’ll dump the water, but otherwise I’ll just leave 'em be.

Good to know. So maybe they’ll cook a little quicker than normal if they do take on more water with time. That’s fine with me - cooked black eyed peas will “hold” just fine if they’re done sooner than expected. :slight_smile:

Fridge or they will sprout. Beans = seeds.

can you still get into the kitchen? if so they haven’t soaked too long.

refresh the water.

Why do people soak beans anyway?

I always throw mine in the crock pot and let them cook for 8hrs.

Is it because people don’t want to deal with a crock pot for 8hrs?

[No snark, just curious.]

Some people don’t use crock pots.

'Cause everyone’s always told me that’s how you do it.

But no, I wasn’t planning on doing these in the Crock-Pot, anyhow. My Crock-Pots are, at the moment, full to the brim with Meat Sauce, Vegan Sauce* and Italian Beef meat ‘n’ juice for tomorrow night’s party. They’re unplugged and out on the (enclosed, but cold) porch for the night. I’ll probably leave the party before they do, so I won’t have them to cook in on Monday. So stovetop it is.

*Not made with real Vegans.

But it’d be okay with them if it was. If the vegans agreed to it, of course.

Other people have been known to also soak their brown rice overnight before cooking it so that it will sprout, in the theory that it is healthier and more nutrient-dense.

Some people also eat raw beans, or so I’ve heard.

Sensible people check the variety against a reputable source first. Raw kidney beans are quite detrimental to the health. I believe some other related varieties are, as well.

I usually use my crock pot for beans. I soak if I am I’m using my crock pot for something else at the same time. I only have one.

heating dry beans is wasted heat because the beans aren’t cooking i believe, just getting hot.

also with dry ingredients in the crock pot you need to be careful with the amount of water; too little and it goes dry.

also unless stirred often things might not cook together (if a mix of stuff) because the beans are jammed at the bottom after they have swelled.