Can you still buy newly released LP records?

I know that 45’s are still produced in limited quantities, but I’m curious if the same holds true for 20-minute-a-side, long-playing vinyl records. Please forgive me if this has been already been covered, I couldn’t find this in a search.

I think that the R&B/Hip-Hop industry still makes regular LP releases. Not all the mixmasters and club DJs out there have gone digital yet.

Yes, in very limited numbers. I’ve purchased a couple LPs in the last few years: the Elvis greatest hits LP that came out last year and the Beatles reissue of Yellow Submarine before that. You kinda have to go looking for’em, though, if your record stores are anything like the ones here. Also, they’re pretty pricey. But for my money, NOTHING sounds as good as a carefully handled LP.

You can buy Rob Zombie’s latest album on vinyl if you want.

I do want to, but I have no money.

As someone with a collection of vinyl that numbers into the high hundreds, emphatically yes. But then, I’m into Techno and hip hop. in those genres, SC_Wolf’s post is a dramatic understatement. By and large, DJ*'s use almost exclusively vinyl records.

*By DJ, I mean serious beatmatching DJs, not the radio variety.

Any decent indie record store should have an ok range of vinyl. I’m really tempted to only buy vinyl from now on, and burn copies for myself to listen to when I don’t have access to a turntable, but given that the rekkids cost twice as much, I don’t see me doing that for a while.

I own a copy of Pearl Jam’s No Code and the Foo Fighters’ self titled debut, both on vinyl, both bought new.

Do DJ’s use vinyl LPs, or just vinyl singles?

Most DJ’s I know use full length albums, or extra long versions of singles (easier to mix in to).

Pearl Jam releases all their albums on vinyl, sometimes slightly earlier than the CD/cassette release. A few other major bands do the same thing, and plenty of indies do.

Wilco’s “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” also had a limited vinyl pressing just a few months ago.

Lots of indie bands sell vinyl LP’s and/or EP’s on their websites, if not in stores.

The soundtrack to O Brother, Where Art Thou was released as an LP.

Any decent indie record store will have many new releases on vinyl. Local bands still get things going with a 7" or two, and for a lot of musical genres releasing on vinyl is part of the aesthetic.

Like people have said, a lot of hip-hop records are still released on vinyl; also, tons of metal, punk, and indie rock comes out on vinyl. Most independent labels release all their LPs on vinyl and CD, and occasionally some releases are vinyl only. Usually, if you’re ordering stuff from a smaller label that does most of its business through mail order, vinyl will be about two dollars cheaper than a CD.

Hmmm, actually most of the club DJs, and all of the Mobile DJs, I’ve met mix with CDs, and have since the apperance of the Denon 2000 (not to say they still use this model, since there is so much other CD mixing equipment and other digital media out there). Let’s just say Ra! for Promo Only. :cool:
Of course, I admit I don’t necessarily know the top DJs workin’ the super hot clubs nowadays…

I’ve seen most of The Beatles and Pink Floyd on vinyl in some of the CD stores around here. I’ve also seen some Pearl Jam and Weezer, so I would imagine that some bands do release their stuff on vinyl.