Can you suspend a thread?

In the most recent case I refer to a recently-suspended member, but just as the mods can suspend a member, can they suspend a thread?

What practical purpose would suspending a thread have over closing it?

I have seen moderators close a thread with a view to re-opening them later if certain conditions were met. Of course they can do this, why would you even need to ask?

I have no ability from my mod panel to do this.

What do you mean? Prevent posts to a thread for a certain fixed amount of time, then allow them again automatically?

Even if we could do it, I am having trouble seeing much utility in such a function. Circumstances in which we temporarily halt posting to a thread come up sufficiently rarely that this can easily be handled manually by locking it and then reopening it.

I dunno what you mean by “suspend” a thread?

= If “suspend a thread” means “temporarily close it and then re-open it later,” yeah, we can do that. Usually happens when there’s been a [del]goof[/del] misunderstanding, and the thread gets reopened when all is cleared up.

= If “suspend a thread” means “temporarily make it invisible to members and then cause it to reappear later,” then yeah, we can do that too. I don’t know that we ever have, and I can’t think of a circumstance that would look to such a solution, but it’s possible. The problem is that when it reappears later, it’s low [sub]low![/sub] on the page and thus probably out of sight, out of mind.

= If “suspend a thread” means “hang a sword on a thread, suspended above someone’s head” then no, moderators can’t do that, but mythologizers can.

When a member is banned, it is often the case that their threads are closed. I’m thinking along the same lines for when a member is suspended. From the responses thus far, it seems that this function is not directly available. Would it be of use?

I doubt it.

If a member is suspended, it’s usually because of recent violations of board rules. Threads that they started or were involved in that included their rule violations are often locked, for obvious reasons. Those that did not involved rule violations are usually left open.

At best you would be reopening threads that were a month old, and which very often contained problematic behavior. I really don’t see the point.

Suspending a thread that way would break up the flow of conversation. Even if the thread itself wasn’t a problem I think it’d be inconveniencing all the other participants for the sake of the suspended poster, which doesn’t really make sense to me.