Can you tell if someone is a jerk just by looks?

I think some people have a facial structure that makes them look… not evil, exactly, but definitely not good. I remember when Bob Filner was running for mayor of San Diego and remarking that I thought he looked like a major creep. I couldn’t believe he got elected and I wasn’t surprised at all when scandal broke out.

I’m sure my creep-detecting skill wouldn’t hold up in court, but it’s proven fairly reliable so far!

I’d be tempted to say yes, except I’ve been proven wrong (one way or the other) too many times. I’d guess if you think you can reliably tell someone’s moral composition by looking at their facial structure, you’re experiencing some confirmation bias.

I taught high school for 26 years. I too have been proven wrong many times. Usually the ones I pegged as jerks and was right about also had jerk mannerisms that tipped me off.

The guy shown in the photo linked in the OP is Mr. Congeniality compared to this creepy, snake-faced mofo. I feel so sorry for the women who have been harrassed by such a horrible-looking man.

The total-asshole jerkwads, yes. It’s their mannerisms, body language and expressions rather than actual facial features or anything concrete though.

Heh, same guy.

Yes, you can - they wear white-framed sunglasses and Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirts. :slight_smile:

Do you think it’s possible that because he looks so god-awful creepy that some women would feel harassed simply by this unfortunately-configured man’s gaze going in their direction? :eek: He needs to be careful with that thing!

Yes. I’ve been told I look like an asshole and am indeed an asshole a lot of the time. Most people say my walk clues them in.

I think sometimes that confirmation bias may come into play. If, over time, the person turns out to be a fine, upstanding citizen, I may just up and forget I ever did think he was creepy.

Hence the ‘old saying’, “Never judge a book by it’s cover.”

They (old sayings) usually don’t become such, unless they’re true/correct. :wink:

There are so many factors – hair style (mullets come to mind), choice of clothing (black socks with sandals), and the less tangible things like body language. Oh, and wearing a crude t-shirt might give one reason to judge someone.

They could just be suffering from “Bitchy or Asshole Resting Face.” Please don’t judge.

Not by their looks, but by their cars. I will not suggest which brands BMW, Corvette, Ferrari, monster pickup trucks because I don’t like to pigeonhole people.

I have a sure fire method involving t shirts and sometimes tattos (any mention of "bitches, Ho’s or the making of sandwiches)

I have a few friends who used to do sex work. They swear up and down that the most reliable guide to penis size was the inverse of the value of the client’s car.

What if it’s worthless? :eek: Hel-lo! :wink:

One of them is partnered to someone who doesn’t have a licence. All I’m saying.

Of course you can’t. We have a cat named Silky who looks like evil personified. She is in fact a sweet natured pet who loves to be petted, will come to you and head butt you and purr to get petted. Then she will look at you with her little demon face as if she were plotting your death, but really, all she means is that she’s pleased to be petted and admired as a cat should be. It’s just the shape of her face that gives her that quality.

Ted Bundy for example was widely noted for being handsome and capable of projecting an image of friendliness and niceness. It was all a mask.

In the other direction, we have Rondo Hatton, whose face was so evil and brutal looking that he got movie roles on the strength of his bad looks alone. He is generally described as a genial man who was religious and considerate. His brutish looks were the result of the disease known as acromegaly.

Really, you cannot judge a book by its cover. After all, Jerry Sandusky looked like a nice, affable guy, just the sort you’d feel comfortable about teaching kids football and stuff.

And that’s actually a good photo of him. I’ve seen him on TV, and he makes my skin crawl. Sure, we’ve been proven wrong in the past, but this time our creep-meters seem to be accurate.