Can you tell masterpieces from junk?

Can you tell the best writer from the worst one, masterpieces of art from doodles, famous musicians from unknown ones, a genius from an idiot? Take these quizzes to find out:

58% on real or fake
92% on known or unknown artist
100% on Pollock or birds
80% on Vermeer
75% on Michelangelo
60% on Mozart/Salieri (better than I thought)

I just tried one: true art or fake. Got 11/12. Didn’t recognize any of them explicitly, but I could tell who the artist was on three or four.

Apparently, I know a Mondrian and a Rothco when I see them, but not a Klee or a Kandinsky.

I did the Dickens or Bulwer-Lytton and the Great or Commercial writer, and scored 58% on both. Stephen King is kinda easy to spot.

100% artist or ape? It was fairly obvious.
100% Pollock or bird shit? Also pretty obvious.
75% Donald Judd or cheap furniture? A bit tougher. Mostly I recognize IKEA crap when I see it.
67% Abstract artist or animal? Mostly just guessing.

I can’t even tell heaven from hell, blue skies from pain. So I don’t think I’d do well on those tests.

And how much did you expect?

Pink from Floyd?

Didn’t expect to crack 40%.

I see they categorize Adolph Hitler, Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower as unknown artists.:dubious:

I only got 67% on famous artist or unknown artist, but I got 100% on Jackson Pollock or bird droppings! :smiley:

Because they’re mostly known for other things, like WWII. It was in all the papers.

Me too. The only one I missed was a kind of out-of-focus multicolor picture.

80% on Vermeer vs Meerhagen. One of them I had trouble forming an opinion on and ended up guessing wrong; mostly the rest felt obvious, though I was definitely fooled once.

I just feel it necessary to point out a quick fact: just because I can tell Pollack from bird droppings doesn’t mean they aren’t both crap. For example, I can tell the difference between bullshit and bird dropping, but not between bullshit and Pollack. :slight_smile:

There are too many. If I started, I’d kill the morning. But I have to say that seeing “Machine Translation or Faulkner” cracked me up.

67% on real or fake
75% on known or unknown artist
83% ape or artist
100% on Pollock or birds

At least I know bird shit.

Probably you got used to multiple choice tests with many possible answers. However, this test has only two choices. Thus simple random guessing gives 50%.

Absurd tests. There is no difference between abstract art and ape shite spread on a canvas by ferrets. Without any meaningful structure all sense of value and meaning is created by the individual observer. And if many individuals derive value and meaning from a particular work of abstract art, that still does not mean it is not ape shite spread on a canvas by ferrets.