Can you tell the difference between 39' and 42' TV?

Is there a big difference between the two? See an LG one thats 300 dollars for a 39’ and the 42’ one cost 360. I read online that whenever in doubt, always buy the bigger one. I mean 39’ and 40’ you probably can’t tell the difference but what about 39’ and 42’? Actually the tv im looking at is really 38.5’.
Whats funny is the first time i bought a flat screen tv many years ago… i bought a 32’ and thought it was going to be a good size for the living room. We previously had a big 27’ CRT TV so it looked pretty big… then when i saw the 32’ i ordered online… i thought this is a very very small tv and its more like for the bedroom.

At that size (in inches I’m assuming and not feet as posted) I’d spend that much extra money on the bigger screen for sure.

Unless the bigger one was lower resolution - like 720 intstead of 1080 - in which case I’d go for the smaller, higher resolution one.

Well, I own several tape measures.

There are other things to consider, like connectivity for example. You need at least three HDMI slots for a start and four is better. There is lots more - go and check a specialist forum

Or one HDMI is fine if you have a receiver.

This might help you visualize the difference:

IMHO, there is no substitute for seeing them in person. Go to WalMart, or anywhere, and check them out. Before you go, make note of how far away from the screen you’ll be and then look at them in the store from that distance. Obviously, the further away you are, the more the size difference matters.

Obligatory Spinal Tap reference.

I have two HDMI and one component t connection, and that’s more than enough for me. One HDMI for cable–the other for the Apple TV. The component is for a Wii I almost never use. I have no idea what I’d do with four slots. The idea that you need three is silly. Our last TV only had one and we got by fine. It all depends on how you use it.

Because screens are measured diagonally, 3.5" is actually a significant difference. Is that worth an extra $60? IMO, yes, but YMMV.

And the reason your 32" flatscreen didn’t look much bigger than the 27" CRT is because it wasn’t.

Yep. I did this the other day at Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. I know exactly how big my rooms are and the distances one would sit from the screen.

I’m trying to decide on a size between 39 and 50 myself. 50 is the max I could fit,but might be too big and too expensive. I’m not so sure about buying the biggest you can get. I will probably rotate mine to a different room and replace with a bigger, cheaper one in 2-3 years. The 26" I bought a few years ago cost more than a lot of the 50s I see now, but that’s how it goes with this stuff.

I do notice a difference between 39 and 42, for the most part, at around 10 ft distance.

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That’s also a good site to see the difference between 38.5 and 41 inches.

(I admit I laughed at the idea of a 42 foot TV for your living room.)

Here’s another useful chart:

It makes it clear that if your minimum viewing distance is say 8 feet, then with a 41" TV, you’re right at the boundary of where 1080p is visibly better than 720p.

I have a 44" and 47" TVs, and don’t notice the difference. I had them set up one way, bigger in family room, smaller in bedroom, but reversed them due to some connectivity issue. Nobody noticed, and I can’t tell myself; I just remember which is bigger. (Furthermore, the smaller one is 720 plasma vs 1080 LCD, but I don’t notice any difference in that regard, either.)

How far from the TV will you usually be sitting?

Yes, like I said, it depends on how you use it. I have no doubt plenty of people will find ways to use even more than five HDMI ports. I have never in my life needed more than two HDMI ports. My folks will never need more than two HDMI ports. I’m saying it doesn’t make sense to blanketly assert that you need three. And it’s not like I’m technophobic, or anything (I have a lot of electronics in this house). I just don’t use all that stuff with my TV.

I never even used 1 HDMI until a couple months ago. Now I use 2- I just changed the cable box and xbox to HDMI after being connect with, well whatever the other things are called. I would probably go for extra myself.

Right. When the new flat screens came out, they had a 16x9 aspect ratio to the screen. The older CRTs, the screen aspect ratio was 4x3 (16x12). The size of the screen is measured on the hypotenuse of two right triangles of the screen’s dimensions, so 19 inches would cover a picture about 12 inches high on an old TV, but only about 10 inches high on the new screens. (I don’t have the energy to calculate it exactly),. Since most programs are still transmitted in 4x3 aspect ratio, A 19 inch tV now shows the picture 10 inches high, instead of 12, with black bands on the sides to reduce the picture to the narrow aspect ratio.

So that’s why the formatted picture on your new 19-inch is so much smaller than it used to be on your old 19-inch. It’s still 19 diagonally, but the picture is squished down vertically, and the sides cut off horizontally.

Others have alluded to this, but the thread title is probably not what you meant to ask. 39’ is 39 feet, not inches. 39 inches should be written 39".