Can you use a mouse with your off hand?

I’m relatively ambidextrous anyway, but I’ve trained myself to be able to mouse with either hand. It started as a way to combat carpal tunnel. I can use a mouse, trackball, or stylus with either hand. I can’t draw with my left hand, but I can do anything that doesn’t require fine precision.

It’s actually a pretty useful skill, because I often have to use the number pad and that way I don’t have to switch from mouse to keyboard. It does force me to be more selective when buying trackballs.

Yep, either hand here. The only time I couldn’t get used to it was when I was using a left hander’s mouse and she’d swapped the functions over. So a “right” click was achieved on the left.

Could not get my head around that one, but otherwise, no problem.

When I got my first computer back in the early 90’s, I didn’t know you were supposed to mouse with your dominant hand. So, the mouse ended up on the left because it was closer to the tower that way.

I was on the computer a ton back then, so I got the “skill” to use my left hand for a long time until we got a new machine with a longer mouse cord :slight_smile:

I have two, one on either side of the keyboard, and I switch. Very nice.

My parents do this cause my dad (and brother) are left handed and my mom (and I) are right handed. Growing up the mouse got switched back and forth to either side of the keyboard (accompanied with left/right click button reversals) rather constantly so I just learned to use the thing either way.

When I played games was the only time I really cared, I’d always switch it to the right side and make sure the buttons were correct (from a right-handers perspective). I still often have to use it on the left whenever I visit my parents, though

Back when DOOM first came out, we played at work during lunch for a while, at least until they found out who was bringing the network grinding to a halt…:stuck_out_tongue:

I learned to use my mouse left-handed (but still with right-handed controls) while using the 10-key directional controls with my right. It made it much easier for me to react and move faster in the game.

Roughly 15 years later and my mouse is still on the left side of my computer, with right hand controls. Middle finger hits the left click, index finger runs the slide and the right click. I just got used to using it that way and I prefer it. It allows me to mouse with my off-hand while typing or hitting keys with my right. Oh, and my right hand, when not typing, rests on the 10-key pad, for the directional and enter key.

Sure. I have a wireless mouse, so it’s easy to swap it to the other side of the keyboard and give my dominant hand a break for a while.

Nope. My gaming mouse is contoured for right hands only.

IST: left-hander who’s never moused with his left hand. Ever.

I use a tablet, and no, I can’t use it with my left hand. It’s not a tool that’s so easily adaptable.

No, I can’t. Not to save my life, even.

Standard mouse, yes. No problems.

My trackball is a thumb-operated trackball (logitech trackman) so I can’t. It’s not physically possible without some interesting contortions.

Yes, and I do just that to keep the wear and tear of my mouse hand(s) to a minimum.

I had to learn to use a mouse with my left hand because of my severe tendonitis in my right hand.

Apparently I’m odd though, because I do reconfigure my mouse to be a mirror image when I use it with my left hand. That’s to say that the same finger on either hand does the same thing. Otherwise I think my head would asplode.

When I two-boxed in EQ, I played left handed on one machine and right handed on the other. The hardest part was getting my monitors where I wanted them.

I can, but it’s not very pretty.

I’ve read that 40% of left-handed people usually use their right hand to use the mouse, and I’m one of them. I can use it with my left, but not as well due to a lack of practice.

I changed mouse hands recently to give my tennis elbow a break. I swapped the buttons around as well so a left click is now right click. It took me about two days to get used to it now I can use it with both hands and in either button configuration, I do have to remind myself initially which button does what.

Mouse: Home setup is to use nondominant hand. As mentioned before, a way to relieve the dominant hand.

Tablet: Using dominant hand, since I use it to draw.

Trackball: Don’t use

Unasked: Prefer stick pointer to fingerpad on the Notebook, and can use it ambidextrously, but hardly anyone gives me that choice anymore!

We used to have it that way, but I recently upgraded and the machine’s head asploded when we tried to configure it properly. So now they’re identical and I mouse funny with my left hand. It’s not bad, though.

I tried forcing myself to learn, as I was having some pain in my right hand. No dice, I just could not master it.

Until I broke my right elbow and had to learn .

Crude, but effective.

I’ll go through bouts of switching off my mousehand now. I’m not as facile with it in the left hand, but I can manage.

Lefty here. I had to do so for a few weeks when I broke my right wrist, but no, not normally. I didn’t play any twitch games in that time; I just wasn’t all that good with my left hand. My right hand is dominant for everything but writing, eating, and a few other things anyway.