Learning to mouse with your 'bad' hand. Any tips?

Sometimes I have to do things at work that involve a lot of mouse work. After a while my shoulder feels very uncomfortable. I feel I really need to learn to use the mouse with my right hand (I am left-handed) so as to give the left arm a rest and introduce some balance into my shoulder/arm work.

Short of simply using the mouse with the right hand until I get good, does anyone have any tips/techniques for quickly learning or getting used to using your ‘bad’ hand for the mouse?

I flipped the mouse to the left about 8 years ago. No tips except for one: stick with it, as it will eventually become comfortable-- more comfortable than your left hand, I bet, especially if you use a Qwerty keyboard.

The only advice I can give is to keep at it. Eventually you’ll get comfortable with it. Try to use your right hand to mouse exclusively, even at home.

Interestingly, my son, who is the only sinister member of our family, has always moused with his right hand. I bet he doesn’t even give it a second thought. So you can and will get used to doing it after a while.

Well, go play Minesweeper, of course. That’s why it is shipped with Windoze, to begin with.

(And if you don’t get the hang of it right away, try switching the Left and Right Click buttons so that your forefinger and middle finger of the opposite hand are doing the same roles as their counterparts.)

This is a very good suggestion. I’m right handed, my dad is lefty. I learned on his computer, so lefty was more natural to me. As I went to other computers, Minesweeper was a constant addiction. It really conditions your reactions.

Right now, I have my computer at work with the mouse on the left (pisses people off to no end when they have to use my PC), at home the mouse is on the right. I have never reversed the controls, though, I use the same mouse setup no matter which hand I’m using.

One of my former Boss’ (Worst human being I’ve ever met in my life) brilliant ideas was to request a gantry for our 6 monitor screens. There’s a switch between lower and upper monitor. there are so many wires that they have to be tied. As a result all the mice are trapped on the right side of the computer. Pisses me off that.

I don’t play minesweeper, but I suppose I’ll try Unreal Tournament 2004 with my right hand. That should accelerate my skill!

Thanks for the suggestions so far.

I’m lefthanded, and always used to move the mouse to the left every time I used the computer I shared. In the end I just got tired of it, and learned to mouse with my right hand. It didn’t take long to get used to it. At home I have a rollerball mouse, which I find easier than the conventional ones, but I can’t say that it has ever caused any problems.

Interestingly, the kids I teach tend to move the mouse when they are small if they are left-handed, but I notice that by second grade they all use their right hand.

I too have neck/shoulder issues and moved my mouse at work to the left. My mouse here at home is on the right. After just a few weeks at work, I had no trouble at all adjusting, but yeah, it does tend to bother people when they have to work on my 'puter! I actually enjoy the variation now!

I had to switch hands to stop aggravating my tendonitis. I’ve used the mouse on the left now for about 5 years. It wasn’t very hard for me, and left handers are often more ambidextrous, so just start. In a week or so, you’ll barely notice.

Unfortunately, practice does make perfect. Given the number of lefties (myself included) who only use the mouse with their right hands, it can obviously be learned. Don’t give into the temptation to use your right hand, and the skill will come to you faster…out of necessity :stuck_out_tongue:

Make that give into the temptation to use your left hand. See what you get when you don’t read carefully?

Righty here:

I often have to use my left hand to mouse with when I’m surfing porn. Haven’t noticed myself get’n any better at it though…