Can you vote absentee in a primary?

Google search indicates that one cannot vote absentee in a caucus, but search results on voting absentee in primaries was inconsistent. What is the straight dope?

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I don’t know the law in every state, so there may be some state where it is not possible, but you can in most states.

For example, if you want to apply to vote by mail in the June 7 primary in California, you can do so here. Note that the chart at the bottom of the page explicitly lists the primary and lists a deadline of May 31 to apply for a ballot.

Check with your own state’s election commission if you seriously want to do this.

You can in Arizona. I vote by mail in every election, both in primaries and general elections.

I don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to. An erection is an erection.

I just realized I will be out of town during the primaries in Texas. I will be looking into this issue within the next few days. I hope we can!

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Only if it lasts over 4 hours.

That’s when you have an absentee caucus.

Rules vary by state. But my age qualifies me for mail-in ballots. Primaries, runoffs, city, state, national…

(And I don’t need to provide a photo ID, as “live” Texas voters must.)

In Ohio anybody can vote absentee (or early and in person at the Board of Elections), including in primaries. That means people start voting in our March 15th primary in two weeks.

I’ve done it from Illinois. I will this year.

Early voting in Texas:

I just requested my ballot for the Illinois primary. Anyone can.

In Washington you have to. At least in my county. All voting by mail. (BTW, it’s wonderful)

I’m a permanent absentee voter in California, and I always receive an absentee ballot for the primaries.

Missouri’s primary is next month. The absentee ballot period just started.

It is. I know to vote when I get my ballot in the mail. So much better than driving to the polls.

Use Google to search the site instead.

Depends on the state. I have a Virginia primary absentee ballot sitting on my desk right now.