Can zapping myself with a doggy shock collar have negative physical effects?

I got a big, long obediance leash the other day while thrift storing, and as the battery still has some life left, have amused myself by occasionally shocking my fingers for fun. It’s a strong tingly jolt that runs well up your forearm, and while unpleaseant in a purely physically reactive sense, it’s also (to be honest) a bit fun in moderation. I tried putting the contacts to my neck to see how a dog would feel, and that was no fun at all!

Can I be harming any nerve cells, or motor fibers, or other body stuff by doing this?

Not really. I’ve taken countless shocks from various bits of equipment over the years and still have all 9 fingers. Seriously, the greatest danger from such high-voltage, low-current shocks is from involuntary muscle contractions causing you to smash a limb onto something hot or sharp. As far as long-term cellular or neurolgical damage, I’m not aware of any issues here. Be aware, however, that such shocks across the wrong parts at the wrong time can stop your heart. As a general rule, never allow the current to flow across your chest–i.e. don’t use fingers from different hands to touch the contacts.

You silly loon, you made fierra giggle like a schoolgirl reading this. Only on the SDMB. :stuck_out_tongue: I think you should wear the collar all the time and mail TubaDiva to change your name to “The Gimp”…

Hey, I think you’re on to something here. Maybe the SDMB should issue these collars to all posters, and the mods can then trigger them remotely via HTTP instead of issuing written warnings. THAT will keep us Dopers in line. :smiley:

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Such things exist (internet-controlled shock and sexual devices). I’ve seen them, from afar. Some of them are quite…elaborate. Maybe the benefit of paying for Membership is a shock collar that zaps you when you subscribe to a thread and someone posts to it? That way you always know when you’re needed…

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astro, are you feeling quite well? Do you own a dog?? If so, why are you trying it on yourself???

There are lotsa weird folk on SDMB (including myself, of course), but … well.

I wonder … have the Powers That Be ever considered adding a forum titled Weird Stuff? :confused:

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Just for the hell of it. It’s cheaper than crack. “ZAP!! Ack!! …Again!

"Can zapping myself with a doggy shock collar have negative physical effects?

Dunno. Have you started crapping on the newspaper, licking your balls or sniffing other guys butts? :eek:

Not so far. I’ve found the sensation is something like eating Marmite.

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If only there was a way to combine the two.

We had a shock collar for our dog. I was also tempted to try it out on myself but could never quite work up the courage. :dubious:

A bit redundant, no? That’s every forum!

Wait a minute – are dog collars that administer electric shocks legal? Wouldn’t that be against animal-cruelty laws or something? Assuming they are, in fact, intended to be used on dogs . . .

Did it while drunk.

Strapped on the collar, ran like a mad thing for freedom.

Imagine getting punched in the neck. Hard. So hard that every muscle tenses and doesn’t stop. That’s kinda what it’s like. My feet flew out from under me like some invisible pro wrestler had clotheslined me.

Don’t try this at home. It hurts. Like a bastard.

(and no jokes about my username, please)

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Suffice it to say I know of a thread in another forum where shock collars and sexual practices are being mixed. I will post a link to SDMB on that board.

Just wanted to post a message about these Shock Collars. Anyone interested in this one. This one is special.

I’ve read with interest the thread about the use of dog shock collars for B&D, especially the replies from other users where they describe how it is to wear the collar and be at the mercy of its evil powers. To get zapped by the thing for making a sound or to have someone holding the controller, pressing the button to see how high you can jump is mind tingling. To be left with the collar on and your hands cuffed behind you for hours if not days drives me up the wall. So helpless and not able to make a sound. Zapped for each infraction that you make and trying desperately not to make a sound. But invariably you do and suffer the consequences.

After reading all of the posts I decided that I wanted one of those collars. I looked over all of the sites and none of the collars seemed to fit the bill. Unless you were cuffed with your hand behind you, you can easily remove the collar. The strap holding them on can be easily cut with a knife or other cutting instrument. The collars only zap you once for each infraction, other than the type that acts like an electric fence or one with a controller box, thus requiring a second person.

I decided to build my own shock collar. I started off with a weight belt as the collar. These are thick in the back and are made of thick leather. The collar I built is approximately 4 inches high and in addition to being a shock collar it acts as a posture collar too. It locks in the back with a high security padlock and on the sides of my cheeks it comes up even higher so I can’t turn my head side to side. I can’t bend my head forward because the leather is rather stiff and 4 inches keeps my head pointing upwards.

Attached by hardened rivets in the back of the collar is a stainless steel box, 1/4 inch thick hardened steel, containing the electronics of the collar. The collar runs on 4 AA rechargeable batteries. I looked up on the internet, electronic projects and found a delay circuit that will energize a system for various number of seconds depending on what resister - capacitors one uses. I’ve made mine to run for 1, 3, 7, 10, 15, 30 seconds. An electronic stethoscope that can be set for varying sensitifies energizes the circuit. It can be set that one can whisper something very softly but a slight cough can set it off to sensitivity that if one makes any sound or even comes close to any noise one gets zapped. With the circuit set, using dipswitches set to 10 seconds and infraction earns you 10 seconds of intense stimulation.

To prevent removal of the collar, a thin flexible wire runs throughout the collar. Break the wire and the collar will shock you until the batteries go dead. Since the device draws only millamps of current, even when it is delivering its punishment I can tell you that you do Not want to break that wire. To prevent one from using bolt cutters to quickly slice though the leather of the collar, short curved strips of hardened stainless steel has been sown into the collar such that no matter where you try to cut the collar, you will cut the thin wire first and then hit the strips of steel that will make it very difficult for you to cut the rest of the collar off, especially if you are being zapped continually.

The front of the collar has the contact probes spaced about 1 1/2 inches apart. When the collar is energized all of your neck, facial, shoulder, etc. muscles go into spasms. To prevent a smart ass like myself from slipping a cardboard sheet between the probes and my neck, there are curved pieces of stainless steel that intercept the cardboard before the cardboard can push the contact probes away from the neck. In addition, just before the curved c shaped probe protectors there are two probes on each side of the neck that carry a very low current, low voltage (you can’t feel the current. If they are insulated from the neck, e.g. by the cardboard, the lack of current flow will energize the shock collar at full power until contact is reestablished. Since I know where the contacts are, I’ve tried to use cut strips of cardboard and bypass the protective probes and then push the cardboard under the main probe contacts. The results. The curved C shaped pieces of steel that surround the main contact probes stopped the cardboard and I’ve been zapped a number of times just for trying to defeat the collar.

Now to the power source of the collar. The simple shock collars used on dogs do not generate enough power to be really effective. I have taken an electronic fly swatter that the manufacture says is safe for humans if they get shocked and incorporated it into my collar. The collar is safe because it only uses less than a milliamp of current but highly effective because the voltage is so high, I’ve measured about 2200 volts. Since the current is so low I noticed that with the high voltage leads connected to my self and the device turned on I felt nothing. No zap nothing. However, when I disconnected the lead to the high voltage post of the device and then reconnected it I got a tremendous shock. The device has to charge its capacitor to deliver a shock. Therefore I have designed a mechanism into my shock collar that allows for a break contact make contact that allows the capacitors to be charged properly. Thus when you set the shock collar for say 5 seconds you get approximately 10 separate super voltage shocks. The collar allows for setting of the voltage that the collar delivers. Some people react quite well to rather low voltages, while other require a much higher setting.

The stainless steel box has a stainless steel cover that locks. The current for the collar is energized with a high security round lock switch. The round key of the energizer switch can only be removed when the collar is energized.

My reactions to this collar are unbelievable. I have tried it at various voltage setting, sensitivities, and shock intervals. At the upper end of the settings, I’ve experienced shocks that have me literally screaming for mercy. Fifteen second of sledgehammer shocks will take the fight out of anyone. When I play alone the keys to the collar are locked in a Surbox that is secured by the time lock program. If anyone thinks they could take a dremel with a cutting wheel to saw through the control box think again. The mike at one’s throat will pick up the noise of the cutting wheel making contact with the control box even at its lowest sensitivity and one will get a shocking reward. At higher sensitivities, just turning on the dremel will activate the collar. A few hours with this collar locked around your neck will make you a very willing person if someone else has the keys.

Anyone interested in an escape proof shock collar that will bring you to your knees and have you scribbling a message to the holder of the keys that you desire mercy. Or if the keys are locked away electronically wondering what you got your self into. With this collar your hands can be free as a bird but are useless to help you stop the relentless shocking of your body for the minorest infraction.

At a family reunion, WinkieHubby’s cousin put on the dog invisible fence collar and with the **ENTIRE FAMILY ** (except me and my sisters-in-law, we all married in) cheering him on, walked across the edge of the yard. He jumped a little and then said -

“That wasn’t bad, turn it up all the way.” And the cousin who owned the house did.

I don’t know how long it took the red burn marks that stretched from his scalp to the middle of his back to go away, and permanent damage to other things is hard to assess …

What I’ve got, which is essentially an eight foot nylon strap leash with a contact box in the “noose” collar part at the end, and with a 2 button small control pad where the owner holds it at the other end , must a somewhat different animal, as the annoying tingly jolt is nowhere near this level.

I have and use a EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulator) for the last few months now. My doctor informed me that there weren’t any long term negative effects. Granted, its not exactly like a shock collar, but the principle is the same. However, he did say some people have bad experiences with them. Like a fellow who continued to have back spasms for a couple days after stopping the use of one.