Canada and the Coronavirus

On the plus side, wasn’t the worst case scenario supposed to be ∞ cases/day by now?

Eta: it’s not a bit below the grey line. We’re into April and the grey line is over 10 000.

Slide 13 Solid Grey Line in April has 10,000 cases. Our current 7,000 cases puts us below that line and within the model confidence interval. Which I guess is winning?

Slide 11 Solid Grey Line in April has under 1,250, or ~3,300 if we open back up. VOCs have made an obvious impact on case loading and consequently on hospitalizations and ICU loading.

New March view

The variants didn’t cause any surge like this in the UK or Denmark when they became dominant there. We may have to accept the fact that this surge could be caused by whatever magic caused the other two.

I too am upset the world didn’t line up with your expectations.

I’m not upset.

So what caused the first two surges that is no longer present?

Cases are rising steeply in Alberta as they are in other provinces as well. New restrictions are being put back in place such as no seating inside of restaurants. My wife and daughter where in a restaurant yesterday, and a group of 5 people all refused to wear masks loudly, even after being asked several times. They were still served.

Alberta made a new change to the vaccine rules that mean I can get vaccinated now. My wife already has her first shot. I phoned around today but the pharmacies do not have the vaccine in stock yet.

I’ve signed up with my local pharmacy, and am just waiting for the shipment to come in. I also signed up with Alberta Health, and have arranged an appointment for the 28th… if the pharmacy doesn’t get to me first.

Got my first shot yesterday, yeah!, from my regular pharmacist who just got the shipment in - Astrazennaca. It seems supply is getting a bit better.