Canada day is getting postponed!

But just for a second…[

]( will you be doing with all that extra time?

Sleeping in.

I remember many years ago when something like this happened, Jay Leno joked that Stephen King was planning on using the extra time to crank out another book.

Woo more time to get the final details of my mom’s surprise party planned! I think we’re going to need it!

Ironically, I’ll be recovering from my trip to Canada.
I’m here right now, but will be back in the states Saturday.

[del]Courage[/del] Chrono Wolf:

Calendar out of sync with solar year? Make solar year change length.

All this proves the Mayans were right.

Ah, I’ll finally have a summer holiday for once.

Yeah, but all my clocks are going to be off by one second. I won’t be able to do that Back To The Future clock-matching thing ever again!