When is Canada going to do something? I mean anything, at least help us out! What are they doing there? The flag is a leaf. need i say more? I’m tired of them just being there and not helping in the wars. When are they going to help?
(i don’t know who I’m talking to, I’m just ranting)
But I really want to know!

That’s odd. Isn’t this what the Canadians (and British and French et al) said to the USA between August 1914 and April 1917 and then again between September 1939 and December 1941?

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I don’t know!
I was just thinking of that so i decided to post it. i hope no canadians get mad at me

You keep splattering glurge like this all over GQ irritated Canucks are going to be the least of your problems.

** well excuuusssseee me! **

There are so many ways in which I can point out the, um, wrongness of this question, so I have itemized them

The Bitter-at-the-Canadian-Government Post

The government committed 5,000 soldiers to Afganistan, but recalled them when they learned that there might be fighting there.

The “Strategic Thinking” Post

You are a total idiot if you think the strategy in Afganistan required massive man power. It used a small, elite force rather than a large number of “grunts”, and it appears to have done it’s job rather well. Would 5,000 poorly trained (in comparison) Canadians have helped? No. It’s a show of support, which persons such as yourself need.

The Bizarro-World Post


The Historical Perspective Post

I’m curious as to which wars Canada’s support was desperately needed in. Vietnam? Yes, the Fighting Canucks would have dragged the beleagured Americans out of the quagmire and on towards victory! Iraq? Yes, lack of Canadian support doomed the effort to liberate Kuwait and cost many lives. Kosavo? Again, the lack of Canadian ground troops was crippling to the battle against genocide. Oh yes, without the mighty Canadian troops, the vastly outnumbered and outmanned (but with the heart of a lion) American force was unable to overcome the insurmontable odds in these conflicts.

The Last Post

When the hell is Luxembourg going to help out? I’m sick of those cowards sitting back and doing nothing!

ok sorry i asked (sheesh)
I also did a report on luxembourge before, and they have the population of a small city, that’s why :stuck_out_tongue:


Who took our incoming international flights on September 11th? The same folks who’ve already deployed six planes, six ships and part of a special forces unit to the Afghanistan area, and who’ve got 1,000 infantry on alert status for shipment to Afghanistan, the Canadians.

I’m not Canadian. Many in my family are, but that’s not why I think what I do of your post. And I won’t tell you what I think of your post because this is not the Pit (yet). But I’ll tell you why I think it. It is woefully ignorant and phrased so as to insult. And that’s a very poor way to establish yourself around here. You owe every Canadian, and for that matter, every, poster an apology.


And knock off the all caps thread titles, too.

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You really want an answer, do you?

The Canadian military time and time again has stepped in where America feared to tread. I could bore you with the facts. Instead, I ask, what would you have us do?


When is Canada going to do something?

Did I read that right?


Rush. Tom Green. Alex Trebek. William FREAKING Shatner.


Canada better get some damn gratitude already because I do NOT look forward to finding out what they’re really capable of.

Oh. You mean apart from accepting all internationally diverted flights. Sending hundreds of volunteers to the WTC site? Donating time, money, blood, charity, good thoughts and compassion for the people of your country?

Well gee, I dunno.

Your OP is poorly thought out, and poorly worded. There are many of us Canadians that are unimpressed by the actions of our government. However, as there is no election looming, there’s not much we can do about it right now.

I suggest you rethink your question.

Al. [sub]A now, totally pissed off Canadian.[/sub]

According to “Vietnam War Almanac” by Harry G Summers Jr; about 30,000 Canadians served in the US military during the Vietnam war, about 10,000 of them actually serving in Vietnam.


<tsk, tsk>

Shame on all of you, jumping to conclusions. It’s obvious that the post is referring to the MLB contraction. I join the OP in wondering when Canada will do something to stop this! The future of the Expos is on the line too, you know! I join the OP in saying I’m sick and tired of the Canadians not fighting the war against Bud Selig to keep the teams!

Canada has never been involved in US decision making before, they have never been consulted about US policy, they have never fallen under US laws. What makes you think that now we have to help the US out? Many Canadians do not agree with this war and the idea of violent and mandatory military action as a solution.
Relations between our two countries have always been slightly tense, despite sharing the longest undefended border in the world. The Canadian people went far and beyond the call of duty on September 11th and afterwards, considering this previous tension. These people acted out of a desire to alleviate human suffering and to provide what comfort they could, not necessarily out of support for the US way, or for American military action or foriegn policy. An assumption that the Canadians now have been turned around to the American way is way out of line.

And what does the maple leaf have to do with any of this?

[ul][]The flag is a leaf.[]Canada is aloof.You are a fool.[/ul]Or something.

I’m just waiting for the server congestion when all 30 million Canadians answer her. The OP was addressed to the whole country, right? :wink:

I’m just one Canadian and as such cannot speak for the other 30,000,000.

You obviously don’t know WHO are WHAT the hell you are talking about. You also seem to have misplaced this thread as it should belong downstairs where a whole bunch of ever loving, usually polite and restrained Canucks can rip you a new one for posting without thinking.

Which wars are you talking about anyways? WW1? WW2? Korea? Viet Nam? The ongoing action in Afghanistan perhaps?

“I was just thinking of that so i decided to post it. i hope no canadians get mad at me”

Preview is your friend, use it before you spew out half thought out ideas and avoid yourself some pain. In this case the cats already out of the bag and "well excuuusssseee me! " doesn’t count as an apology around here.

And a thank you is due to the Americans who jumped to our defense here in shooting down such an ill convieved OP.

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